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Worst Bodybuilding Injuries?


Somehow, I got on the topic yesterday of Jean Pierre Fux. He was an IFBB Pro back in the late 90's who had his career unquestionably ended when during a photoshoot for Flex magazine, while squatting who knows how much weight, he ruptured both his quads and crashed to the floor. "Luckily" for Flex readers everywhere, the photographer captured every graphic and groan inducing image and ran them in the next month's issue.

Anyway, the point is that it got me thinking about injuries that bodybuilders (pros, amateur, even just gym rats) have suffered over the years.
-Who has been able to come back?
-Were they just as good or did they forever suffer being compared with how good they used to be? -Who got destroyed so badly that they just never climbed back (either by choice, or just being unable to)?

I've got a few guys in mind to discuss, but figured I'd throw the question out first and see what we get.



Not strictly BBing, but the first thing that popped in my head was magnus breaking megaman's arm armwrestling. And no, I don't think he ever really came back.

Second, and more on topic, when Franco bent his knee the wrong way running with a refrigerator in one of the early WSM competitions.

Good videos of both those on youtube.


That dude who posted the video of him having his bicep tear in the middle of 1 armed curls. God dam that looked aweful.


Justin Randal aka honkeykong

Gave me nightmares.


I can relate. Did it in Feb 2011.

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Had one of those too--June, 2001.

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This was a horrendous injury. Doctor told Franco he would never be able to compete or even lift again and he would be lucky to walk normally again. Of course Franco proved him wrong and went on to win the olympia in 1981. Although many would say he did not deserve it and he certainly was not looking the best he ever had on stage. His legs were certainly not what they had been. Soo I would have to say that despite winning the highly politicized Olympia title in 81, Franco did not make a full recovery from his injury.

Another obvious example would be Dorian Yates whose accumulation of injuries, due to, in my opinion, less then ideal training program, forced him to retire.

Injuries are just a part of the sport. I feel like most these guys are probably nursing an injury every time they step on stage.


Wowza EyeDentist. Is that you? Where did your kneecap go?


Yeah, that's me at my first post-op visit. The kneecap is in there somewhere, hiding under all the post-injury/post-op edema.


So that was a ruptured quad that happened while you were squatting?

How did the rehab go? Are you 100 % now?

I feel so luck to never had any knee injuries asides from fluid on the knee when I used to wrestle in HS.


Well, I was doing walking lunges with 405 when...Actually, it was a slip-and-fall on wet grass--went down with my left leg bent under me in an extreme 'hurdler's stretch' position, and the entire distal quad tendon ripped off the bone. Good thing I was wearing my Life Alert bracelet...


Dislocated right patella. At the time I could squat about 315 probably. Now, 3 years, squatted today 440x7. So no, I didn't holf me back a bit. I don't think there is ANY kind of injury (except an amputation) that can stop someone with an iron will.


405 walking lunges? That is a little absurd to say the least. I would say you are lucky that weight did not crush you. I bet you don't do that anymore.


A-Rod I hope you could tell he was joking


Part of the reason I rarely do Squats/Deadlifts. Call me a pussy/bitch/whatever but BB is about longevity and those 2 movements have a higher inherent risk then alot of other exercises and it scares me. I mean shit when I first started benching with 10lbs on each side of the BB i asked for a spotter lol.


Ive dislocated my left shoulder last week on flat db presses. I knew they day was slightly different. I always work up heavy, but that day I did LESS warmups and pinched and dislocated my shoulders on the 140s... Dumb ass rookie mistake That I should've known better after these years. Век живи, век учиться, live and learn. ALWAYS do warmups kiddos.


....Highjumper I hope you could tell I was just joking. Haha I just reread his post. I don't know how I overlooked that. I was about to say what type of nut job does walking lunges with 405 even if you could physically pull that off.


I feel your pain brother. I didn't dislocate my shoulder but I hurt it today pressing. Normally I work up to the 120s. 100 110 and then 120. Pressed the 100s for like 15 reps and realized there was no way I could get to the 120s without ripping a tendon or something in half. So I had to drop the weight do the freakin 80s and do 20 rep sets with emphasis on contration. I felt like a weak girl.

I really at my wits end with this inability to press with intensity. So if anyone has a remedy for shoulder/pressing problems please share because this shit is making me want to cry. Nothing is worse then having the fire and drive to push it but your held back by having a weak soft bitch body.


Definitely some crummy (good) stories here. EYEDENTIST- that sounds similar to what Vic Martinez did when he tore his quads doing lunges. I don't know all the details, but I remember his describing them as the variation where you step backwards, and that it wasn't even a very heavy weight at the time. Isn't that always the way?

Still, as much as it mess him up and sidelined him for a while (a year maybe?), after seeing him at this year's NY Pro, I'd say he's most definitely returned to his previous form.

Branch Warrem is another one. He tore his tricep (I think it was his tricep, definitely his arm -lol) after slipping going down a flight of stairs, and grabbed the railing to catch himself. Less than a year later he stepped onstage and nabbed his 2nd Arnold Classic title.

Obviously guys like these two make use of 'supplements' that certainly aid in the regrowth of muscle tissue, but still, these aren't little strains and tears we're talking about, we're talking about things ripping off of bones.



Its okay Stu you can say it, those guys used The Creatine.