Worst/Best Deadlift

Here are two performance videos:

1.Benedikt Magnussons 440 kilo record deadlift


  1. Random internet Diesel Weasel wannabe and future Darwin award winner.


Fucking wow! To both videos!

440kg - he just grabbed the bar and lifted…no messing around, no screaming, grunting, or long drawn out psych up…just quick and easy-looking lifting. His celebratory jump looked fairly high too!

As for that wanker in his garage…people like that make me angry. Watching that was like looking into his soul, and all it told me was that he has a massive ego but is really a prick. I feel sorry for his spine (and his family.)

That was amazing…I actually cheered when he got it.

Oh and that isn’t DW, just someone who took a vid to make fun of him. There is another one out there that is even funnier. Of course, the funniest part is that it’s a pretty accurate depiction of DW.