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Worst Article on Sustanon TRT

Ironjunkies page writer claims for T.R.T it’s best recommended whole vial 1ml 250mg of Sustanon every 3 weeks (21days). That would send your E2 all over the place. I feel TERRIBLE for any man wanting to engage that as a Sust protocol no offence but sensible Men here know that’s crazy protocol.

We should just create an organization (non profit) with the Goal of educating men on Trt if they ever got started. We could probably reach millions. Google offers grants for free advertising if you have the right business registration. I’d love to help and it would not be hard. Just target TRT and other keywords and have a nice landing page that debunks the crap out there

Probably won’t happen, but can if we had enough players. I am a marketer and can handle this facet, but would need content writers and etc.