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Worst Advice You've Ever Gotten?


I'm not starting this because I'm an angst-filled teenager. I just want to see some funny stuff when I check this thread again.

"You can't squat that deep! You loose all your power past 90 Degrees!"


When doing good mornings I was told by some scrawny trainer that I needed help with my squats, and if I signed up he could give me advice.


High protein diets will kill you.

Strength is defined by how many pushups you do. Not how much weight you can put on the bar.


-Creatine is a steroid.
-Lifting will stunt your growth.
-Machines are better for getting bigger.
-You should take steroids for one week and get huge then get off before they cause any long term damage.


Bounce the weight

Deadlifts will make you blocky

Squats will destroy your knees

"Be careful with those protein shakes because they might show up on a drug test"

Creatine...nuff said

"Don't train anything other than biceps if you want big arms because your body will make them look smaller"

"You should cut" (This was when I had clearly visible abs. No it wasn't sarcasm)

If I can remember some of the other ignorant comments I'll post them.


You too??


That I should spread my hands more for bench presses...too bad I was doing close-grip for triceps that day. :wink:


OH, and one more:

Weighted pushups are still a bodyweight only movement.


I was benching and a trainer ran over and said "rack it, rack it!! rack it!" I thought I had done something to brutally injure someone. He told me "you should never let your arms pass 90 degrees when benching. It is bad for your shoulders. I will not let anyone in here bench like you were."

I was only 15 at the time and believed him. Shame, shame, shame.


Was told I'll need new kidneys. By a fat kid no less.


Getting jacked will make you look short. HEEEELLLOOOO, I'm 5'6"....tell me what exercises will make me look TALL???

Your range of motion on bench is too short. AGAIN 5'6" with proportional arm length.

You don't need to train calves, they'll grow by training legs in general and by playing basketball. I've stubborn calves to begin with
and I should've been training them FIRST everywork out since I started training.

Short fat dudes can't pick up chicks. Yeah, tell that to me and Jack Black.

The one thing I'm glad I NEVER did was follow the magazine workouts. I'd remember the exercises and utilize them, just not the astromomical amount of volume.


My roommates gf, who has just dropped out of college unannounced, and survives off a steady diet of weed and potatoe chips...

"Creatine is bad for you. It's unnatural."


Hah, same thing happened to me. Some dipshit thought I was squatting and informed me that I was on the verge of injuring myself.


Wow, what an idiot.

I haven't really gotten bad tips, except maybe that going to failure is great. I liked them, but then I found about Chad Waterbury.

Oh yea I remembered one.

Some kid told me that doing squats was bad. Also told me that creatine was bad. Told me good mornings were bad, told me that deadlifts were bad. He told me that leg presses were much better then squats.


"You don't want to try to work your lower back. Just do squats, back extensions, and goodmornings, not deadlifts."

-Caoch Griffin


that makes me want to hurt some one...

1.You will put on size 10 times faster with perfect form

2.light weight high reps gets you cut

3.use less weight

4.some one your age shouldnt be lifting heavy

5.dont squat that your going to get a hernia

6.the less body language you use the harder your hitting your biceps sort of true but fuck them

7.anything to do with a stability ball

8.anything to do with creatine

9.lifting makes you short deadlifts,squats

10.people who compare supps to steroids and talk about crazy strength gains from them

  1. to sum it up every advice I have ever gotten from any one in person other than working lats will help your bench, and a older powerlifter telling me to pull conventional


You shouldn't eat carbs.

Protein shakes will make you fat.

And my FAVORITE!!!!!!

Crunches are worthless.


"High weight and low reps will make you muscle bound."

I think that one is kind of tough to beat.


I overhear at work something about losing fat while gaining muscle at the same time without mentioning diet. I disagreed to the extent of stating that GENERALLY, you need a calorie deficit or surplus in order to gain or lose weight.

This is where the bad advice started, he said, that because your heart rate is over 70%, the body switches into fat burning mode, and then, since your working against a resistance to get to that heart rate, it will build muscle.

Upon disagreeing with his idea, he states, well, since your going to failure on every set... I stopped him there. He was NOT happy to hear that you shouldn't go to failure on EVERY set, and proceeded to state he had the highest fitness certification in the US you can get.

I stopped talking to him before considering how to break his skinny, emaciated frame.


My little brother (14.5, I'm 19) who's on the soft side-

"The kind of exercise you do [lifting weights] is unnatural."

me- "Oh? And what is?"

"Push-Ups, Sit-ups"

Basically any lift that can be measured in poundage (Squats, DLs). He brags about how strong he is, but whenever I gesture over to the weight bench in my a room and say "Really? Pick this up." He acts like it doesn't matter, and acts if he could. When he does, he finds some way to pussy out.