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Worst Accident You've Been In?

Mine: run over by a bus in Egypt

mine was at work. i was taking 4 boxes down from the shelf (10lbs each,20lbs each arm) and let them hit me

in the chest and then as i lowered the boxes down to my waist area my left short head bicep tendon ruptured,

rotator cuff torn, the labrum torn, and the acl tore. took me near 3 yrs to be fully recovered.

Shit, yours looks nasty. Ive had lots of accidents, none really major that stand out except for my teeth.

I was playing around in a club house in my early teen years and i don’t know if i tripped on the carpet or just stumbled, either way, i landed on the corner of a fruit machine (which was metal casing and pointy) and smashed out my 2 front adult teeth. I went UN-concious and there was a lot of blood, thankfully now though, my teeth are pretty good.

I got t-boned by a Dodge Ram that was doing 40 in an intersection. I had my arm hanging out the window but luckily I was able to pull it up to keep it from getting completely destroyed. Ended up taking the brunt of the blow with my shoulder/head and wrecked my world. I dislocated my shoulder real bad (nothing new, I had several under my belt by this time) and ended up slightly fracturing my humerus, ripping my labrum in half, concussion, Dodge Ram logo imprinted into the side my head. I didn’t actually go to the doctor for a few months because I had a football tryout but ended up having to have surgery that still has me working back

It was actually pretty cool, I got to play detective when the guy decided to give false insurance and try to get out of everything.