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Worse than cholesterol

 I did it. I found it - the cause of th heart problems epidemic in the US.

 It's the computer.

 It must be.

 I will die of a heart attack if I work with computers for a career. People are afraid of serving in the armed forces in times of war?  Pfffftttt, I'd be more fraid of having to type my life away in front of a fuckin computer.

 Who are the goddamn fuckin geeks that make these fuckin pieces of shit? You'd think they'd come up with a logical machine that does what it's supposed to do.I am SOOOOOO INFURIATED. My computer freezes, crashes, does things too slow, you name it.

 Thank god I dont have a gun. I'd have shot it a long time ago. 

 Maybe we should just give a whole bunch of em to the Korean army and watched them commit suicide by the masses.

Do you have Windows XP “Home” edition that is a stinking piece of shit. Xp professional is better. Do you run regular maintance on your computer…ie: defrag etc. Is it a compaq?(They are not computers in my eyes.) Are you using the t-mag forums…opps sorry couldn’t resist that shot. (Just kidding t-tech guys. I know how wonkey computer problems can be.) Internet wise don’t use a usb modem. By the fires of hell that is just asking for trouble. While computers are evil as I see it fax machines are much worse. While photocopiers are hand crafted one at a time by Satan himself. Ciao. :slight_smile:

Imagine if your Car or your TV acted like your computer. Every two days or so you had to pull over and cold boot your car. Or right in th middle of the play offs the tv goes blank and you lose the signal becuase you didn’t “Save” at half time. Computers and cell phones have done more to lower quality expectations of the buying public than anything else.