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Worse Insomnia, Anxiety and Stress When Lifting

Did you take 400mg magnesium GLYCINATE before bedtime? If not then you’ve never experienced this.

Not sure why you would stop magnesium because you started taking vitamin D but the taking it before bed part is the main thing I’m trying to get across to you. You probably read that and think that since you previously took magnesium and didn’t feel any difference then what good would taking it at bedtime do. It makes a giant difference for sleep. Plus magnesium will help with testosterone.

It should be noted, Zinc, iron, calcium. copper, and magnesium all need to be taken separately and at least 2 hours apart if you’re taking any kind of real dose. They all use the same transport into the bloodstream and will interfere with each other.

Yea there is no way that can be healthy. The low t could be from an eating disorder or something

i don’t remember exactly whar kind of mag was or dose, i bought one from gnc. i was taking vit D and Mag at the same time and if i remember correctly long time ago i was taking zinc, d, mag and copper all at once to increase t and didn’t saw much of a difference.

didn’t know this. people just say to take one before bed because it can make you sleepy. like mag one and also zinc?

well i did had low t at 170 ish

You should always lift weights, with or without T support. A well-designed program will only help every other aspect of your health and fitness. Stopping your training was a phenomenally bad idea.


You’ve lost 8 pounds since your thread in January, so yes, fix your nutrition ASAP. You’re literally malnourished and it’s getting worse week after week.

Basic nutrient deficiencies are the very likely source of the majority of your problems - the low T, the stress/anxiety, the lack of motivation, the training problems, everything. That should’ve been addressed before starting any medications.

Eat like it’s your job, hit the gym a few days a week, get up to 170, then see how you feel.

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That a still seems light for 6’. I’m 5’10" and at 170lbs my family would be planning my funeral and looking into my life insurance policies

I do not think lifting weights is a good hobby for you.


Magnesium before bed, specifically magnesium glycinate. Don’t take any other elemental supplement at the same time.

thanks for replying mate! today i hit the gym hard and will do the same with the food intake.

hehe thanks for replying!

i mean i love it i just don’t have any motivation to do anything. i actually want to train more days. currently go 3.

thanks a lot for replying!

I still don’t feel it’s a good hobby for you.

because i question it too much?

Because you’re in your own head so much over it.

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yeah im working on my overthinking stuff a lot thing right now.


therapy, distracting myself, doing more things that i wasn’t motivated to do and just acceptance