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Worse Insomnia, Anxiety and Stress When Lifting

hello. so first of all for a long time now i had insomnia, but recently it have gotten worst. i stopped training for around a month or so to see if it improved, but i got more depressed and can’t remember correctly, but i sleeped less and had less motivation to do things, but heres the thing, i went back to lifting (only 3 days) and sometimes i feel worst during and after the gym. anxiety gets worst and sometimes i feel burnout. idk if this is mental because im an overthinker, have anxiety, depression and constant stress, but i feel like i now can’t sleep longer like before. now im getting min of 6 hours and it’s extremely hard to get the 8.

should we actually lift weights when low t? we know training releases cortisol, gym cortisol + outside stress might be a huge impact?

any experience?

what im planning is establishing a schedule to sleep at the same time. try to relax. if this doesn’t work i guess ill stop lifting for months to see if it works.


results after clomid

testosterone free (dialysis) and total, MS testosterone total, MS 508 range 250-1100 nq/dl

testosterone free 47.2 range 35-155 pq/m

before this my TT and FT were both low

If you are still low T then get on TRT. Worry about getting your t right first then about lifting and sleep schedules ect

i totally get you. but i heard succesful stories of people leaving lifting for a while and took meditation, reduced stress and slept more and went from very low to normal

I have heard stories about the Loch Ness monster too, doesn’t mean that there really is a million year old sea monster swimming around Scotland


When I am at my worst, the best medicine is lifting something stupid heavy until I am shot. It resets my brain chemistry better than anything. It alleviates ADD and depression better than any drug that I have been prescribed. It may not work for you, but tuning out everything else and cranking the lbs does me wonders.

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These results are underwhelming, there isn’t much testosterone being produced and what little you have is all bound up, if SHBG were on the lower end, testosterone would still be low.

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I was never getting decent sleep. I would wake up several times throughout the night and have to take a piss or just wake up. I would have trouble getting back to sleep. It kind of felt similar to anxiety but it wasn’t that.

Here’s what helped me tremendously with my sleep.

Taken before bedtime:
400 MG magnesium glycinate
500 MG tryptophan
2.5 MG melatonin (natrol quick release from Amazon)

I don’t know if you’ve had any lab work done but you may want to check for anemia. I had an iron deficiency that testosterone exasperated and once I found that out and fixed it with iron supplements it helped me tremendously. No doctors knew what was wrong with me. I sat down for an hour and learned about how to read lab work and anemia basically jumped out of the page. Don’t expect a doc to be your savior.

You also sound like a good candidate to get your cortisol levels checked. If your adrenals are out of whack sleeping can suffer.

hehe thanks for replying mate!

ha! thanks a lot for replying!

true. i have seen my shbg as high as 80 ish. thanks a lot for replying!

hello. what are the labs you saw for anemia defiency? also i have taken cortisol am (blood test) came back normal in the 14, but every time i do urine it comes extremely high. i might of had went to the gym that day tho.

You need serum ferritin, iron, and TIBC. TIBC (Total Iron Binding Capacity) is a calculation based off of other bloods.

Iron deficiency causes anemia, anemia is a condition and not a deficiency. MCV or MCH when very low can indicate an iron deficiency also known as Microcytic anemia where the mass and size of hemoglobin are smaller.

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FERRITIN NG/ML 228.30 FROM 30.00-400.00


this is what i have

from the looks of my labs i don’t think this applies to me

white blood 4.09 range 4.30- 11.00 red blood count 4.13 range 4.60- 6.20 hemoglobin 14.10 range 14.00- 16.00 hematocrit 41.10 range from 40.00-54.00 mcv: 99.52 range 80-94 mch 34.14 range 26.00-33.00 mpv: 11.20 range 7.40-10.40


FERRITIN NG/ML 228.30 FROM 30.00-400.00

but like someone posted. i had high urine cortisol levels, but normal corisol am blood levels. could this mean im overstressed?

Taking the magnesium glycinate before bed along with the melatonin will make a world of difference for your sleep. It did for me. Even helps tremendously for anxiety throughout the day.

I’m pretty sure the most effective way to test adrenals is a saliva test that measures your levels throughout a 24 hour period. I’ve read that blood tests aren’t the best way to get a good read on them.

i also wanted to say last time i checked im 6’ 146 or 146.5. gaining weight might also help before jumping to other conclusions? but if i don’t lift then it will be fat tho

hey man. i used to take mag supps, but dropped them because i was also taking vit d to see if my t levels rises. it did, but very little.

i used to take melatonin daily and got addicted and now use it when i need to go to sleep earlier. tbh, the only good thing about melatonin is that i feel sleepy faster before bed, but i think it was making me sleepy the next day.

im usually tired in the morning and afternoon and get more energized later in the day (well, i feel like a bit more energetic)

what if my cortisol is actually high? what should i do?

How is that even possible? I’m 6’0 and at 165 (when I graduated high school) I looked like I was being starved to death.

well i did tested low when i was 170 ish
i think my t was in the 270
i was 24 back then. im 27

i was experiencing fatigued and was also losing libido and motivation. i was overthinking everything and still am. don’t know if that is a symptom

edit: if i remember correctly, i had low cholesterol levels when i weighted 170 ish.

they are good now