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Worse for Health: Winstrol or Tren?

So which one is more detrimental to your health? When I think Winstrol, I think liver and joint damage. When I think Tren, I think insomnia and getting winded a lot faster, as in, it sounds like Tren gives your cardiovascular system a better ass beating than other steroids. Thoughts and opinions?

Tren. Not even a contest. Possible neurological damage, kidney problems for some, poor sleep which is overall unhealthy, hyperprolactimia, et al.

Alrighty, based on literature and anecdotal evidence, I’d say trenbolone has more potential detrimental effects on an individual’s health status in the SHORT term. Long term (say many years after ceasing use), the verdict is still out I’d say.

Nandrolone (19-nortestosterone in rodent models) has been shown to alter neurotransmitter balance, depleting dopamine and 5-hydroxytryptamine concentrations), the action appears to be via down regulating both dopamine and 5-HT receptors (decreases in the density of dopamine receptors, though I believe this has only been tested on D-1 and D-2 subtypes), which are the major subtypes anyway, thus if these neuroadaptive alterations are similar in humans it’d make sense as there appears to be a body of people who experience similar mental sides (lethargy, lack of appetite for life/adventure, low libido etc).

Trenbolone (when exposed to hippocampal neurons) appears to accelerate and/ or potentially cause hippocampal neuron APOPTOSIS! Thus trenbolone may be neurodegenerative. However given the lack of research and various studies attributing high dose anabolic steroid abuse to structural alterations in individuals brains this may be a thing with all AAS, although testosterone has been demonstrated to be neuroprotective in replacement/ potentially mildly pharmacologic doses. Neurotoxicity has been demonstrated with testosterone, nandrolone, metandienone etc at MICROMOLAR concentrations (when exposed directly to neurons). The amount one would have to inject to achieve these concentrations is fucking ridiculous, however long term, it may add up (similarly to how smoking a joint likely won’t adversely affect long term cognitive function to any significant degree, but smoke marijuana every day for a few decades and the long term effects will add up… maybe… there isn’t enough evidence as to whether the cognitive defects induced are permenant or not… but you get my drift).

anecdotal evidence supports the notion that trenbolone is nephrotoxic and mildly hepatoxic, likely due to it’s retardedly strong resistance to being metabolised into anything. However various case reports have linked acute stanozolol use (winny) to RENAL and HEPATIC FAILURE.

LIPIDS!!! The data doesn’t lie, tren is fucking harsh on the lipids but winny is a different beast. 5 MILLIGRAMS of winny/day, according to literature, can trash lipids, winny I’d say has a far higher risk regarding causing atherosclerosis, which compound is more potent at causing LVH, probably tren due to it’s extremely strong AR binding, androgenicity etc. Winny and Tren can both cause HBP, causing LVH. Heart disease is the biggest issue by far (because without a heart… you’re dead, you can still live with brain damage…)

I should mention stanozolol has also fairly uniquely been linked to coronary vasospasm (extremely rare cause of myocardial infarction), mechanism unknown, however it’s worrying and should probably be looked into more in depth.

If anyone wants proof of my statements I have a ton of links to various medical literature, so just ask if you want to see individual studies :slight_smile:

Also I should mention, brains cells die every day, so while brain cell apoptosis may sound scary, it’s about the rate/concentration at which the cells die.


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