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Worse ED After Starting TRT


Does anyone experience agitation and irritability for the first 24 hours after injection? For some reason I feel like arguing with people and a little on edge within a few hours of injection and it lasts for a day. Then after that period of time I normalize and become happy and balanced.


It depends on if you are in the middle of a protocol change which then takes 6 weeks until a stable state. If not on a new protocol it would mean the dosage is too high and comes down days later to a more comfortable level.

It sounds like your injecting large infrequent doses. If you shared all your labs it would be helpful, if you have any.


Unfortunately don’t get any labs back till September. And yup it’s only testosterone and psa LOL. I’ve been trying to find a better doc in my area but unfortunately there are none. Been to 3 already and I have the best of the bunch. I’m doing 25 mg eod sub q. But yeah I just did switch to this protocol so I’ll wait the 6 weeks to see how I feel.


Actually got that yesterday but lasts less than 12 hours. You really don’t know if it’s from injection or maybe it’s from your levels being low on your injection day.


Well I haven’t got bloods yet to know where I sit. Not that it matters because my doctor only tests for testosterone anyway, but I gotta say I feel like a million bucks. I’ve been doing 25 mg EOD. I was experiencing some water retention and mistook it for Estradiol issues, so I took a quarter pill of arimidex and within 2 days I was crashed. So it’s safe to assume I won’t need an AI on this protocol. ( I Cant get sensitive assay where I live anyway.)


I would first confirm the low estrogen, when I first took Arimidex I thought I had crashed my E2 also, but it was just my body metabolizing the medication for the first time. It felt very much like I crashed my estrogen, it was difficult to keep my eyes open and I was very tired.

In fact my estrogen is still on the higher end even after increasing the dosage to .25 mg EOD. I would advise you not to take the AI unless you have symptoms and lab showing high estrogen.


Yeah for sure. It could be that I’m hyper sensitive to arimidex. I also lost all my energy and lost all sex drive for like a week. Normalizing now and feeling really good. I’ll see if I can get an Estradiol test even though it’s not sensitive. At 25 mg eod, with no hcg and little body fat that I probably won’t need one at all. What’s your protocol?


My protocol is 20mg EOD .250 anastrozole EOD. Without the AI my estrogen would be high and I would be symptomatic.


I’m assuming you inject sub q? How king did it take you on that protocol to warrant an AI? And do you use hcg?


I see no reason to use HCG, fertility isn’t a concern for me right now. My E2 sensitive was 70 pg/mL and is worse for the fact I’m low SHBG.


How long did it take your estrogens to rise after being on trt?


Who else is severely affected sexually by liquor since starting trt? Before trt, alcohol would often help me in the bedroom. Since starting trt, if I have even 2 beers, I might as well not even have a dick cause it becomes useless. And it stays that way until the alcohol is out of my system. About 24 hours. I mean, clearly it’s my body telling me to quit, so thats fine, but I’m wondering why it has this affect.


I dont drink very often. Hardly ever really. A few weeks ago I had a bunch of margaritas and experienced the same thing. It was dead to the world. I was pretty surprised. I was not drunk. It kinda lingered the next day a little and went away. Odd.


Exactly same here. Super weird. I don’t think having 3 drinks would have THAT much of an affect on estradiol levels to cause this. Gotta be something else


ANyone on this board with persistence side affects from saw palmetto or finasteride figure out how to dial in trt right?


Hey guys: my doctor isnt great and I want to come off of trt until I find a new one. I’ve been on for roughly 2 months I think. I haven’t been on hcg. Would you suggest adding hcg for a couple weeks till I fill up then moving to clomid or nolva? Or should I be just fine with clomid or nolva


Anyone? Just wondering if need to blast hcg for a couple weeks before coming off or just clomid will be fine. I’ve been on for about 2 months but need to come off


Why don’t you switch over to your new doctor and see what he/she says?


There are no doctors in my area that I can go to. If I wait till I could go to one, I will be completely shutdown. And I don’t wanna stay on test any longer and make restarting harder. I should have never got on in the first place I think. I’m gonna try and train hard and get my natural levels up


Ok, that is too bad. I’d come off and go with hCG for six weeks.