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Worse ED After Starting TRT


Does anyone experience agitation and irritability for the first 24 hours after injection? For some reason I feel like arguing with people and a little on edge within a few hours of injection and it lasts for a day. Then after that period of time I normalize and become happy and balanced.


It depends on if you are in the middle of a protocol change which then takes 6 weeks until a stable state. If not on a new protocol it would mean the dosage is too high and comes down days later to a more comfortable level.

It sounds like your injecting large infrequent doses. If you shared all your labs it would be helpful, if you have any.


Unfortunately don’t get any labs back till September. And yup it’s only testosterone and psa LOL. I’ve been trying to find a better doc in my area but unfortunately there are none. Been to 3 already and I have the best of the bunch. I’m doing 25 mg eod sub q. But yeah I just did switch to this protocol so I’ll wait the 6 weeks to see how I feel.


Actually got that yesterday but lasts less than 12 hours. You really don’t know if it’s from injection or maybe it’s from your levels being low on your injection day.