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Worse ED After Starting TRT


Hey guys, just wondering if anyone else had a worsening of symptoms instantly after starting trt and if this resolves given time. I started trt this week, and my ed is way worse than before. I use to be able to manage decent erections but now it’s dead down there. This is after only
Two injections so I don’t believe it to be estrogen related. Anyone else had this issue and had it resolve?


You need to describe your TRT in detail, doses, timing etc. Report in mg’s not volumes.

There is no background context for your case here.

If thyroid function or cortisol are low, then TRT can make metabolic demands/restoration that the body cannot keep up with.

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Evaluate your overall thyroid function by checking oral body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky. Thyroid hormone fT3 is what gets the job done and it regulates mitochondrial activity, the source of ATP which is the universal currency of cellular energy. This is part of the body’s temperature control loop. This can get messed up if you are iodine deficient. In many countries, you need to be using iodized salt. Other countries add iodine to dairy or bread.

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I experienced, and I think most guys experience, very little if anything after the initial injections. For me it took a few weeks before I felt anything noticeable.

It sounds like you’ve been dealing with ED for a while, and my guess is you’re simply experiencing a continuation of your existing symptoms. However, all the info KSman posted would give a better picture of what may be going on.

For now, I’d say to give yourself some grace, be confident that you’re taking steps to improve your life, and be patient as you navigate the process. Hope you start feeling well soon.


Thanks for the help KSman. I will read up and keep updated. I need a better doctor. My current one is of no help to Me. Anyone know a good trt doctor in Canada?

So here’s my dilemma. My doctor is not great. He doesn’t test for estradiol, or adrenal hormones. My testosterone was low so he put me on test. He started me on 50 mg a week which I think is way too low. He said he’d up me to 80 mg a week. He lets me do my own injections. Reason I jumped on it because my joint pain was so awful, it felt like my arms were gonna fall off after using them sometimes. I felt weak and frail. Within one injection and a few days that went away. But it makes my sexual symptoms worse immediately. Obviously something is going on with estrogen I would think. Most likely adrenal issues as well because of ongoing other symptoms. But I don’t have a doctor who will test me for the important hormones. So its a tough road right now. I will ask Again. Anyone know of a good trt doctor in Canada? Desperate for help


Thanks for the encouragement man. Did you have ED before trt? Did it help resolve those symptoms for you after being on it? Love to hear your experience


It happened to me as well, first week was fantastic but soon found myself way worse than before TRT. ED got worse after starting TRT, started seeing a difference in erections 10 weeks in. At the end of every week is when I feel tiny improvements that come and go throughout the weeks, but later become permanent. What’s left of your natural Test shutdown while you could wait weeks or months before you start to feel better, keyword start. Slow, slow improvements.


So did you stay on trt or give it up?


Still on TRT, in my 11th week. A lot of guys expect it to start working right away, it’s not an Tylenol, it’s your hormones that need time to balance out.


How are your symptoms? Do you deal with ED? Has it gotten better? Worse?


It got worse before it got better, when I first started TRT it was great for about a week but soon got worse. It wasn’t until week ten that I noticed tiny improvements.


Sometimes I wonder if trt doesn’t work for some people


Trt works for many that have truly low t. And dont forget ed is more often not cause by low t.


I’m just confused as to why my ED gets severe when I’m on testosterone but when I’m not on it it’s manageable. What would make testosterone make ED worse? Even when estrogen is managed. Just doesn’t make sense to me but a lot of guys seem to have that issue


Getting TRT done or done right is extremely difficult in Canada. Search location in the forum.

You missed my point re thyroid.


Is there any truth to losing body odour when you have low estrogen? Or can being on trt cause it? I lost my body odour 6 months ago, and just before that I was on arimidex. But haven’t taken any in 6 months. Even on 100 mg a week of test my body odour is still non existent. Which I’m not complaining, but I never wear deodorant, cause I don’t have to now, and this is Trippin me out. Anyone experience this?


Maybe you are less able to detect your own scent. What does wife/GF say.

TRT has made me very musky, I smell a bit animal. We have never really discussed this before. Yes, some sweat more, but its more than that. I am on T, T3 and GH, so firing on all three metabolic cylinders.


I sweat a lot less on TRT than I did pre-TRT, my pillow was wet after a nights sleep, no more. I also noticed I smell something horrible pre-TRT, now I smell much better.


Good insight! Yeah I use to smell awful too. Like just horrid even wearing max doses of
Deodorant. Then after I was on arimidex it went away. And still haven’t got it back. I heard one person on all things male forum mentioning low estrogen tied to no body odour so I was curious.


Has anyone experienced back muscle pain after beginning trt? Or did anyone have music pain pre trt that has gotten better or worse?


Muscles develop. With TRT, some are getting more active and muscle tone might be poor making one vulnerable. Lots of people get back muscle pain for no reason at all, so we can expect some TRT guys to also have that.