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Worried I Won't Lose the Fat

hello, i had a similar post that i recieved good feed back but thought i would simplify what im asking. i have been lifting weights for 7 months now 5 days a week i lift with a buddy who has been at it for about 10 years and has pretty impressive numbers.my weight when i started was 179 with a 23% BF.now 7 months later and having a good increase in lifting numbers ETC, DB bench went from 40lb to 85 lb DB. i am only at 180lbs and still 20% BF.

i have a clean diet and just recently started taing a optimum nutritions “Seriuos Mass”.i figured i would get the extra calories to help with bulking up since i do not look like i go to the gym, but im worried that i wont be loosing my belly with this. main question,do i need to cut my calories in order to lower my body fat percentage to around 12%?or is it possiable to get to that 12% and also keep the calorie intake to gain 1-2 lbs a week.

i am 5-10 and weight in between 179-181lbs.i know loosing fat an building muscle are 2 differnt processes but i dont want to comprimise my strength an size gains just to lower body fat but rite now you can see any markings or llines from ab muscles.im hoping someone can give me some steps to start off with

Its hard to kill two birds with one stone in this scenario…
First of all I took “Serious Mass” earlier this year and it helped me gain close to ± 30lbs with a solid training split and eating like a horse…

So if you want to drop the cals then drop the MASS GAINER, because its not gonna help lower the bf% and its gonna keep you bloated because its loaded with carbs like a mother fucker, its like eating a bowl of pasta!

Your bf% is quite high already and the supplement is gonna make you get fatter plain and simple, rather drop it and do some cardio in the mornings for lke 6 weeks to drop the % a bit and + your existing training template your still gonna get stronger with some gains. Just do a little recomp and then see where you wanna go…

You’ve only been training for 7 months as well, you got tons of time to gain weight but your issue if you want to drop bf% is your nutrition.

Building muscle takes years, dropping from 20% to 12% takes a couple of months.

My advice to you: figure out what goal you want more. And find a BF level YOU are comfortable with, that is in line with your goal. And go out and fucking get it.

20% doesn’t bother me, other people would freak out and jump off a cliff, disgusted at their fatness. It is going to be individual. Also, a guy 6’ 280lbs @ 20% is going to look a hell of a lot different than a guy 6’ 180lbs @ 20%.

Point is, you have to be comfortable with yourself, or at least willing to be uncomfortable for long enough to reach your goal, assuming you take this serious.

I would always recommend getting lean before trying to bulk up. Make sure lifting is a staple of your routine, but throw in some cardio and clean up the diet. Muscle is made or lost in the kitchen.

You have three options:

1 Bulk then eventually cut.
2 Drop fat then bulk.
3 Try to reduce fat while building lean mass.

Options 1 and 2 both work. You appear to be following (and still favouring) option 3. It doesn’t work for most people. From your post it appears to not be working for you. Sooner or later the lack of progress will cause a lack of going to the gym.

Try something different for a month and see what results.

If you are at 20%BF you don’t need to bulk, you already are bulked up. You need to clean up your diet, get your macros squared away and train your ass off! Like Coach Poliquin says “earn your carbs.”