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Worried About Over Stimulation


I have just received my first order of Gaspari Mitotropin and am due to start taking it tomorrow morning. I normally take BSN No Explode (I know many of you aren't fans) but wonder if I should stop taking it (No Explode) while on the Mito? I am concerned re overstimulus.

Many thanks in anticipation.


Unless you are topping a gram I wouldn't be too worried. Even then 1.5-2 grams might fly in my book.


Jesus, It took me awhile to get used to 200mg. I'm only now, 5 months later thinking about moving to 400mg. (Pretty sure it was your posts that convinced me to try it in the first place.)

So wouldn't it depend on his tolerance? I wouldn't want to dive in at a gram.


No, unless you want to puke your lungs out and feel like your heart is going to give way anytime. This is entirely due to tolerance and abuse. I OD around 2.5...maybe.


Okay cool. So the whole puke/heart attack feeling is normal?



When you OD yes, but when tolerance is built up 1 gram feels like your 400mg. IMO, one should cycle any stimulants to avoid strain on the heart and CNS burnout. In reality no one does this, myself included.


Sorry for raping your thread OP but...

GB, so do you take caffeine tabs or do you have a super formula?

Do you think your body weight effects tolerance, or is it mainly just use that builds it up?

I really don't want to cycle this shit. I like it, doesn't matter if I had a long day or blah blah blah, I get a good 45 mins+ of drive and focus, and if I'm fully rested and ate well, HELLO, good times. (Oh shit, does that last sentence make me a caffeine junkie?)


I made my own 300mg caps. Just plain old caffeine anhydrous. I'm sure my body weight has an effect on tolerance but I was topping a gram or more when I was 205lbs. I used to have a very demanding position that required me to be awake and at full bore at 4AM so I began using heavy amounts of caffeine to keep me focused and firing on all cyclinders. I would take 300mg every 3 hours because IMO, although probably excessive, this enabled me to maintain high levels of the stimulant circulating at all times. I have to repeat though, 1-2g in the form of a single dosage and not total daily intake is blatantly excessive.


Yeah, yeah, I'm still scared to try 400mg in one dose. 200 seems to be fine, but the days I have a coffee on my commute home then take one are always a good day.

So I take it you don't crash or feel groggy as hell the next morning?


I crash as soon as I press pause on my Ipod and head towards me truck. I pretty much slowly wind down for the rest of the night and go to sleep with at least 600mg still circulating (given that its got a 4-6 hour half life) I would take 200mg and pound that down with a Rockstar white if you feel inclined to up the dosage. I still wake up at 4AM and I never feel groggy.


I have to say, achieving "overstimulation" is something I strive for. I LOVE the feeling of all the pent up energy, when you just get all jittery, it's great.

OP I wouldn't worry about it, but I'm not exactly conservative. I took an adderall and 8 200mg caffeine pills once, just don't do that and you'll be just fine.