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Worried About Online Buying


i was told about a legit site to buy some gear off. So i had a look and was about to buy some winstrol. They wanted me to pay by western union. when i rang to put the transaction thru the woman on the phone said ' you do realise you are not guaranteed to recieve the products and it could be fraud. So now im a bit weary :S any advice?


Its always a crap shoot. WU is standard mode of pmt. Best to network on the Internet and with friends for a trusted source that an acquaintance has good experience with. There are definitely some stand up sources both domestically and internationally.

Domestics have less selection, are more expensive and typically only carry underground lab products but no need to clear customs and quicker delivery. Intl have more selection, tend to offer human grade, are cheaper, but you risk customs seizure (which will generally be replaced for free by a decent source) and it generally takes longer.

You can get good gear from both as long as you find a decent one.


Don't do it.

Also, don't PM me for a source.


Who told you that? The source or the WU lady?


First rule of thumb - DONT tell WU that you are buying products from online, Jesus..


Wait, did you tell the WU operator that it is online sales? And then cancelled the transaction?

That is how legit suppliers get flagged for fraud by WU - even if they did fuck all wrong.

You understand that WU try to avoid all illegal transactions? You do realise that they are required by law to warn you so they cannot be sued? You do realise there is an element of risk with ALL illegal transactions? If you cant handle that, read the pro-hormone section.

Its only money, and you will need to risk a little to find a good source - simple as that.

Other than having one handed to you by a trusted contact, the best way to test a source out is 1) Ask around and 2) Make a minimum payment transaction. I personally have lost a few hundred dollars in my searches - but it was not in vain.

Man up! (or get it checked by someone!)


Tough call. It sounds pretty much like a generic warning, but it's possible the receiver was somehow flagged in their system due to complaints.

You hear similar things with MoneyGram anytime you send cash... for legitimate eBay purchases, of course :wink:


Nah, when a person is flagged, WU cancel the payment - contact the sender and ask them to retrieve the money.

I know simply because i was told to do this very thing once - i did collect the first payment, and i resent it to the supplier, all was fine. I believe after so many transactions they often flag anyway - due to needing to be seen to be against illegitimate(sp?) business (whether that is selling illegal products onlione or simply Tax Evasion).

If they were flagged you would be told - this guy was nervous and when they asked 'are you buying online' he either questioned why they would ask, or they told him why it is risky - and it IS risky. I remember having the same concerns with my first transactions. Trust is key obviously.



What a fucking idiot. Its none of WU business what the fuck you're doing with the money. If they ask merely tell them its for a friend sending your nik naks from their country. End of story.


cheers for all the replies guys, much appriciated. they asked what i was sending the money for and all i said was i buying goods online. ill risk it and see what happens. Cheers



I plan on telling Western Union the money is for my idiot brother in law. If I could find a domestic source this could be avoided. WINK! WINK!

Sorry; I could not resist.


yah just have a story ready before you go. Sometimes they ask you what the payment is for, or why you are sending blah blah blah


they asked me once why I was sending money overseas.
I showed the girl a pic of my Chinese girlfriend and said ya I know im an idiot right?

she laughed and said I was cute and asked why I didnt have a girlfriend here I got her phone number in the end and sending the payment was no problem at all


dear lord guys -why do people think they have to explain them selves to westernunion employees?

if they ask just say "personal reasons" and leave it at that,no explanation required


Exactly. I would never say anything more than this - it is none of their fucking business.


WU operators = minumum wage in most cases...ask for manager if they give u any lip..if that doesn't work give the manager a fat lip:)




WU doesn't need to know jack...if you want, tell them its for a friend....but NEVER tell them it's for any type of purchase....


I had my transaction canceled by WU. When I asked why, she said the person I was sending to was flagged because of so many people sending him money and how I knew him. I said he was a friend. Came back and got a new "contact" and the money has now been picked up. Now waiting for the DVD.


What did i say a few posts up?