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Worried About my Latest Test Results

This latest batch of results I have worry me. From all signs it points to a pituitary issue which I just don’t need.

Test 226
PSA 1.22
Estradiol 42.3
LH 0.4 (not a misprint)
SHBG 18.6
Dihydroststosterone 40
Prolactin 20.2
FSH 0.6 (again not a misprint)

This really has me freaked out.

That is getting very estrogen dominant.
Suggest 0.5 mg/week Arimidex/anastrozole in divided dose. But more to the point, you need to be on TRT. Prolactin is getting up. Perhaps from low dopamine levels that can also show up as mood/depression issues. Not much background here. Age?, weight, waist, serum glucose, thyroid issues?

Your DHT does not make sense, too high relative to T.

Had a MRI of your pituitary?

How do these labs relate to prior labs. Do you have the original report? Could this be someone else’s results?