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Worried About Losing Size from Pneumonia

Can I use water shoes for lifting(squats etc) beingread its not good with runningshoes and don’thsbe 400$ for shoes…i can’t even afford my prescriptions…but they have non slip rubber soles and are like barefoot but have grip. I read its best to do barefoot but these are almost like. Should I use these or converse better. I am ill and no work for 6 years, I’m lifting to gain weight and was told by drs . I gained 15 lbs muscle over the year but no idea what to do to get bulky. Trsinerveas useless…Im 5 ft 3 88 lbs and working so hard …told I look great. I just moved a week ago and had to take a week off, I snuck in a day or two small…but if I take another week…two altogether, and resume, I’m having pneumonia now and drained from move…will I loose my gains if stick to same diet and resume? May not be full 14 days but 12…now new life, and set up home gym, will I loose my gains over 12 days no lifting? I’m so feverish and weak…i was going to start today, but was thinking about fever. Should I wait the extra few days and start Saturday? Pleasehelp…im terribly scared to loose all worked for…
Thanking you all in advance.
Blue Bunny.

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Rest and EAT. Let your body recover and then start again. These things happen to everybody. Pushing yourself now will only result in misery.

When I had pneumonia I just concentrated on trying not to die. I would go with that.

I based this comment on the thread title alone as I have no interest in trying to figure out what that post is above.


If you can lose all your gains in 14 days, you had none.


This isn’t real, right?

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Now wait…

You weigh 88lbs.

A year ago you weighed 15 pounds less. 73lbs. Or somewhere around there.

How old are you? Because unless you’re a legit child, weighing 88lbs is dangerous.

I’m also asking if you’re being serious right now? Because there’s red flags jumping up all over the place with your post, and I think you know this.

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Sounds a lot like that one poster maybe a year ago who continued to ask for weight loss/elimination advice while becoming progressively more emaciated.

The OP has stated there is an illness involved here. I’m not sure why everybody is raining down the hate. There are plenty of muscle wasting diseases out there. We DO NOT the know the circumstances.

Rest until you’re better. Then train again. That’s it. There’s no need to overthink beyond that.

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As soon as I started reading I thought…this has to be girlgotguns.

What size shoe do you wear? If you answer this correctly I have a solution to your water shoes question.

I have 7.5 size water shoes.

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Damn. Hoping you had a bigger foot

You will not lose a year of your gains if you take 12 days off from the gym. Make sure you’re eating properly, it’s very important to ensure your body has proper nutrition. What does your current diet look like? If you could give me some more background information about yourself and what you’re currently doing to try and gain weight that would be helpful.

I don’t see a problem with you lifting in your water shoes if you feel more comfortable in those than bare feet. You certainly don’t need any kind of fancy shoes.

Ignore the people who are being rude to you on here! Please contact me on Instagram if you have some more questions that you don’t want to post publicly and I will try to help you out @bron_strong

I don’t understand?

May I politely ask what you dont understand? So that someone could possibly clear up any confusion you might be having in regarding your concerns.

Rereading, it looks like your main need is gaining weight. I’d worry more about keeping your calories as high as you reasonably can than getting back into the gym before you’re ready