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Worried about Lats


I prefer to lift using compound movements and heavy weights, and have apparently done something magnificently stupid lately as I've come down with a matching set of golfer's elbows.

The point:

My usual pull exercises (aside from deadlifts) are weighted chins and Yates rows. I believe the Yates rows are the source of the problem. Unfortunately, this has also impacted my ability to do weighted chins (i.e. it hurts like hell). I'd like to rest a bit before running the insurance obstacle course (to get from my gp to my sports ortho guy), so I'm looking at changing up in a manner that may allow recovery without a doc.

I'd like to spend a few months just doing squats, deadlifts, and standing military press. My question is: if I take a few sets of deadlifts on deadlift day and use a very wide grip (snatch grip) off of a 100 pound plate (a couple of inches thick), will it serve to maintain upper back strength more than a standard deadlift? Deadlifts do not seem to bother the tendons near my elbow the way the other pulling exercises do, and it's my hands-down favorite exercise.

Thanks for reading.



this may be irrelevant in which case feel free to ignore...

i started to develop what felt like elbow tendonitis. it turned out to be due to knotty triceps, though. mostly from the negative portion of chin-ups and overhead presses. strangest thing but getting stuck into the triceps (and back of the shoulder for good measure) sorted out my elbows. this might not be what is going on for you, but might be worth a check if you have a roller.


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Snatch grip dead's like push said are awesome indeed
I find they irritate the elbows do to the way the load is taken with the arms wide.

Having gone thru a year or two of some severe bicepital and elbow tendonitis issues

I would recommend a few things-

rest- stop the stuff that hurts
look at your programming
and see what may be causing it
for me it was a combination of repetitive things I do at work
and what I do for training
loaded pullups , snatches, and surprising things like OH squats where the culprit

take fish oil- if you do already take more.
allot more like in the 10,000 mg per day range

take a joint supplement- MSM chronditrin - cant spell that one. and MSM are all good

go for ultrasound treatment. It works.

good luck


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Ahh! I must try these.


X100 a week or month of the exercises that bother it is better than a years worth of pain. Don't ask how I know.


We all get sucked into doing the same lifts over and over because we like them so much. But then we wonder why we have injuries caused by repetition. We've all been there and I am certainly guilty of it too. +1,000,000 to mixing things up.

What about DB rows? Do they also bother your elbow? Do you ever vary the grip of your pull ups? Variety is definitely your friend. This is a great reminder for me to change my accessory work up too.



I had/have a similar problem due to all the pulling in my workout routine. I do a split, push/pull (chest/back, bi/tri, leg day) split 6days a week most of my 12 month program and sometimes..the cumulative load over time ruins my right arm. It shut me down for a year two years ago. Healing time, rehab and the aggressive use of straps for all my pulling has "helped" me manage this issue.

Yates rows ( one of my personal fans ) was the straw that broke this camels .. umm..arm?