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Worried About Hair Loss


Hey guys I know this has been asked a million times but here is another. Im thinking about starting a new cycle within the next few months and just wanted to make sure that I have everything right before I start buying everything.

I'm 22 Years old, 6'0 200lbs. Here is the cycle that I wanna do next:

-Week 1-12 Prop 100 mg EOD
-Week 1-10 Tren A 100mg EOD
-Week 1-10 Masteron 100mg EOD

This isnt my first cycle and the major thing that I am worried about is hair loss. As stated im 22, and beginning to lose my hair already. What do you guys think?


I’m pretty sure that tren and masteron are two of the WORST choices if you are concerned about hair loss.
I have a friend who’s hair is thinning and he used prop at 600mg per week and masteron at 200mg per week and 400mg primo per week for 12 weeks and didn’t lose any hair (and made terrific gains) so I suppose side effects are dependent on the individual, but I doubt you want to take the risk.
I would use a cycle of prop, Winstrol and Primobolan if I was worried about hair loss.


How much does rogain and procerin really help? Ive run winny before with decent results. What can I expect with winny-primo-prop? I’ve heard great things on masteron and tren cycles. Looking to put on some size. Thanks.


Whether or not you will experience hairloss on cycle is genetics.

you are born either prone to MPB or not prone, it depends on your mother’s father’s hair genes.

So, if you maternal grandfather is bald, you will probably go bald some day anyway, so steroids can/may speed up that hairloss

if your maternal grandfather has a full head of hair, you will likely not go bald, and steroids will not CAUSE you to lose your hair if you do not have the genetic makeup for hairloss.

but yes, tren can be one of the worst for hairloss