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Worried About Free Reference Range?

I found a new “dream” doctor who prescribes the whole lot-- hcg, anastrazole, and T E2d or e3d. She recommended me start at 80mg 2x week (I was doing 35mg 3.5x / week.) She also gave me anastrazole 1/2 mg / week. HCG 6 iu with test shots (or 2x week.)

I thought I would follow her protocol since she was giving me exactly what I wanted-- and being a new type of T (in grape seed oil) I thought maybe it was less strong… but in general, just trusted the doc…

I know I am an anastrazole over responder, so I know it was unwise to take 1mg / week of that when 1/4 / week seemed to be enough… but I was using “research chemicals” before so also had questions about quality.

I dropped in for a random lab, and here’s what I got… Note:: this was the morning following my 80mg injection the night before, and the draw was less than an hour after an intense workout.

Testosterone, Serum 1091 ng/dL [[ 348 - 1197 01]]
Free Testosterone(Direct) 40.5 High pg/mL [[ 6.8 - 21.5 02 ]]
Estradiol 8.6 pg/mL [[ 7.6 - 42.6 ]]

(8.6/21) give me 40% for an adjustment to Anastraozole. Since I’m taking .5mg capsules, I’lll just tke one a week or split them up and take half a cap E3D or something.

But it’s the Free T that has me concerned… Is this a dangerous level? Or normal after a recent injection and tough workout?


New anastrozole dose is old-dose * 8.6/22
Stop taking then start after 6 days.
RC anastrozole liquid dispensed by the drop will provide better dose flexibility than pieces of pills. You can make your own liquid dissolving anastrozole pills in vodka.

T levels are not unusual.

But starting at 160mg does not seem wise.

hCG 6iu seems silly when 250iu SC EOD makes sense.

Hi Graham

Quick Question for you.
Can you share who your new doctor is ? I recently started TRT with Robert Di Meglio however he doesn’t believe in HCG and Anastrozole as you found out also.

It sounds like you have found someone new and if you don’t mind sharing her details that would be great. I’m in the Atlanta area also.


You need to adjust AI to get E2 levels where they should be. Then SHBG should increase and FT should reduce.

How are you feeling?

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