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World's Worst Gym


okay totally off the topic but well worth exherting rage

okay well


that is the link to the worlds worst gym - read there infomation

guarenteed to make you angry


add this to the 10,000 other planet fitness threads. Thanks for your input.


50% of those words you wrote hurt my head.


wyh yu kno reed gud?


well in australia there is no plannet fitness centres so i just discovered it


Well on T-Nation there is a search button irregardless of which country you hail from. This is a topic that gets brought up by some new member once a month so excuse us for not really caring anymore. Yes the gym sucks, yes the commercials are hilarious (if you haven't seen the commercials seriously get on youtube), and yes we laugh at it but as I said, this gets brought up monthly by someone new so it's gotten repetitive.



Big words. They aren't for everybody.


Applied to Derek Zoolander Center For Kids Who Can't Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too.


I graduated last year from there. My reading skills are so much gooder now.


i understand completely haha i havnt had the time yet to check out the forum completely.. uni exams coming up
my mistake... will definitly check the commecials out though


Hey that Shakeweight would come in pretty handy with dildo's glued on to the ends!


Such a great word. One of those widely used double-negatives that really annoys some people! =D


Umm... yeah there are dude. Maybe you should consider lurking for a bit longer.


Hey guys have you heard that they got Osama?


oh my god.. well that ruined my night! thank god there isnt anywhere i live - i hope




planet fitness itself is laughable but wasn't laughable is other gyms doing what PF are doing. lets just hope other gyms don't follow them in their persuit of eliminating bodybuilders or anyone that is actually serious about working out and not fat middle aged soccer moms who want cookies and pizza after their workouts.




OMG! Have you heard of this Crossfit thing? WTF?