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World's Strongest Woman


...Probably Supposed to be Born With a Penis


Is there a point to this thread?


I don't get it.


Looks like a dude to me.


Worst article ever. I want the 30 seconds I spent reading it back.


Shes a stone cold fox, no doubt about it.


The point was to fuck with women powerlifters, who apparently "he" has issues with. It's just a way of pushing buttons and getting attention.


it must be all that damn kimchee...


What a catty thread. Was someone Meant to be Born With a Vagina?




The article. Completely appropriate for such a site.


I have no issue with female powerlifters at all. If a female wants to participate in the sport, fantastic.


The link I got only had a picture, and a few pics at the top. That's why I asked.


Yeah. I got the same thing. I just didn't mention it because I figured I was slow. Now that there's two of us I don't feel so bad :slightly_smiling:


Oh, that's just the impression I got from what you've posted recently, and the initial comment that started the thread.

I didn't realize that you started this thread to show your support of women powerlifters. My bad.


FTG, thanks for posting this article! I had never heard of her before. Sounds like an awesome woman and a great role model.


With the link, the only way that I can see this supporting women powerlifters is if it is supposed to say that all strength athletes should be considered, not just weightlifters, before giving away a title of World's Strongest Woman.

As far as I am concerned, FormerlyTexasGuy, you don't seem to show respect with comments like "...Probably supposed to be born with a penis." I could be wrong and the comment was supposed to be sarcasm, but it doesn't come across that way to me.


It's a slide show. If you click on each the little pictures, the page will reload with a larger version of the image and a caption below it. But be forewarned: it's not really worth your time.


Okay it was a bit of a waste of time. I'd prefer more training information and hard data on her lifts. I'd prefer less information on her struggle with her weight and body image.


She looks so happy.

You can't hate that.