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World's Strongest Vegan

So in order to keep myself accountable and try to become more than just a guy that posts in the GAL forum, I’m starting up this log. A brief introduction: 24 years old, 5’10, 170 lbs, 8% BF and as the title implies a vegan. As far as body weight goals, I have none. I eat to recover and aid my strength gain, if gains start stalling I eat more. Will I ever be 200 lbs? Most likely not, and I’m cool with it. Current strength goals (present level in brackets) are: 495 lb (405 lbs) Deadlift, 315 lb (225 lbs) Front Squat, and a 185 lb (125 lbs) Overhead Press.

I’ve been running 5/3/1 for the past 8 months and am very happy with the results that it’s continually been bringing me. So without further ado, here is a rundown of my last session.


Deadlifts: bar x 10 -> 135 x 10 -> 225 x 8 -> 295 x 5 -> 325 x 3 -> 365 x 3 -> 405 x 1
Chin Ups: BW x 12 -> BW+25 x 8 -> BW+45 x 5 -> BW+45 x3
Dumbbell Rows: 70 x 10 -> 90 x 8 -> 100 x 5 -> 110 x 3
Face Pulls: 70 x 20 -> 105 x 14 -> 145 x 10 -> 160 x 12

Finished that up with my usual Cosgove “Evil 8” circuit for some conditioning work and that was a wrap!

Nova Scotia punx


Deload Week

Front Squat: Bar x 10 -> Bar x 8 -> 95 x 5 -> 115 x 5 -> 135 x 5
Glute Ham Raise: BW x 10 -> BW x 8 -> BW x 8 -> BW x 6
Pull Throughs: 60 x 12 -> 75 x 12 -> 90 x 10
Cable Torso Rotation: 30 x 12 -> 30 x 10 -> 30 x 8

“Evil 8 circuit w/ 70 lbs”


Deload Week

OHP: Bar x 10 -> Bar x 10 -> 80 x 5 -> 95 x 5 -> 115 x 5
Dips: BW x 10 -> BW 45 x 8 -> BW 65 x 5 -> BW 85 x 5
DB Flyes: 35 x 12 -> 40 x 8 -> 45 x 6
PJR Pullovers: 75 x 5 x 4

“Evil 8 circuit w/ 70 lbs”


Deload Week

Deadlifts: Bar x 10 -> 135 x 8 -> 185 x 5 -> 225 x 5 -> 255 -> 5
Chin Ups: BW x 10 -> BW x 8 -> BW x 6
Kroc Rows: 60 x 10 -> 80 x 15
Face Pulls: 70 x 12 -> 90 x 10 -> 120 x 10
Pin Wheel Curls: 30 x 5 -> 35 x 5 -> 40 x 5 -> 45 x 5
landmine: Bar x 12 -> Bar 10 x 10 -> Bar 20 x 10 -> Bar 25 x 8

“Evil 8 circuit w/70 lbs”

Nice training!!! What is the Evil 8 circuit? If it is as evil as the name implies I may want to try it!


Front Squats: Bar x 10 -> Bar x 8 -> 135 x 8 -> 155 x 5 -> 175 x 5 -> 195 x 7
Glute Ham Raises: BW x 10 -> BW x 10 -> BW x 8
Pull Throughs: 60 x 12 -> 90 x 10 -> 90 x 10 -> 105 x 8
Horizontal Pallof Press: 30 x 10 -> 30 x 10 -> 45 x 8

“Evil 8 Circuit w/ 70 lbs.”

Overall, I’m happy with the workout but was hoping for 8-9 on my final set of Front Squats. I was able to improve my total reps on the GHR to 28 (up from 24) over 3 sets though. I just wish my gym would purchase an actual GHR so I could start adding weight and not have to worry about catching myself on the Lat Pulldown station.

I know we all give you shit for being a vegan, but I’d be interested to see what you eat in a regular day.

Would it be best if I wrote it out here? Or start a thread in the Nutrition section? A few people have asked me for a look at my diet. I don’t really count macros (just have a solid idea of what I need for each meal) but I could certainly do that up and make a very detailed post if people would like me to?

I don’t ever visit the nutrition section, so I’d say wherever you put it, just copy and paste to the other if you wouldn’t mind. As far as detail, I’m more curious as to what you’re eating and the general quantities. I’ve never been one to weigh out food or anything like that.

[quote]BlackWidowGirl wrote:
Nice training!!! What is the Evil 8 circuit? If it is as evil as the name implies I may want to try it![/quote]

Here’s the link. I find 90 secs rest a bit too much so I usually cut it back to 30-45 secs rest. There’s time to rest when I’m dead!

I’ll preface this by saying that I think I’ve been somewhat blessed in that I don’t get sick of eating the same foods day in and day out. I’ve always viewed food as simply fuel for my body and not something that necessarily needs to be enjoyed or give you a mouth orgasm. I rarely if ever crave the typical diet destroyers and in the event that I do, I usually have something healthy laying around that does the trick.

A typical day’s meal plan looks like this:

#1) 1 cup of Oatmeal (2 cups if I feel depleted or if I know I may be low on carbs throughout the day)
1 TBSP. of Chia Seed
Handful of Almonds

#2) 1/2 cup of Kidney Beans (full cup on workout days)
(Workout Days) 1/2 cup of Brown, Gluten free Rice (Flavored with Tumeric)
(Non-Workout days) 1/3 cup Quinoa

#3) This one is somewhat hard to explain, but it’s a mixture of flavored Vegetable protein that comes pre packaged, I’m usually cooking up the Tex Mex or Chicken flavor. I then add in 2/3 cup of TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein, basically unflavored version of previous ingredient) and a variety of vegetables (onions, peppers, mushrooms, etc.) Pan fry it all in EVOO and I end up with 3 meals. This is the only meal I’ve ever done the math on simply because it’s sadly the most complicated thing I prepare, but it comes out to 35-40 grams of protein and under 10 grams of fat.

#4 1/3 cup of Lentils
Baby Spinach/Mixed Greens/Snow Peas
2 TBSP’s of Hemp Hearts

That’s the bulk of my diet right there. I have Natural Peanut Butter/Almond Butter on hand for anytime I get hungry before a scheduled meal, and it is really the only food that I have for pure enjoyment. I usually have a supply of Clif Builder bars if carrying meals around with me isn’t an option or if I’m in a rush. My current workout nutrition is “Modern BCAA” by USP during. I may add to this in the future with some dextrose/beta alanine depending on income and my goals, but it’s perfect for my goals as of now.

So yeah, that’s what a normal day looks like diet wise.

I appreciate the response. Honestly it doesn’t look bad, but I’m very much the kind of guy that views food in the opposite way you do…the curse of being Italian, I’m afraid.

I assumed there would be a substantial bean/rice combo. What’s your take on Tofu? I love the stuff, but I’ve been scared by all the claims that it raises estrogen levels.

I’m horrible at preparing it thus I don’t really eat it often. My girlfriend is determined to figure out how a local Thai restaurant makes theirs, she’s getting very close. I’m torn when it comes to Soy/Tofu as for the most part, I do avoid it in my diet and while I don’t necessarily believe the estrogen concerns, but if I can get complete proteins elsewhere without that worry, I’ll do it that way. Of the few restaurants around here that are an option for me, they all prepare tofu perfectly whether it be in oriental dishes or as a scrambled egg substitute.


Power Clean and Press: Bar x 10 -> 95 x 5 -> 115 x 5 -> 125 x 5 -> 135 x 4
Dips: BW x 10 -> BW + 45 x 5 -> BW + 65 x 5 -> BW + 85 x 5
Flyes: 35 x 10 -> 40 x 8 -> 45 x 6
PJR Pullovers: 75 x 5 x 4

“Evil 8 Circuit w/70 lbs”

All in all, a decent workout. Pressing strength always seems to take a hit after a deload week. Perhaps it’s time to scale the weight back and work on my form a bit more ass things just felt off today. The rest of the workout was on par with what I was looking to do though and I’m hoping to up my assistance work weights by the end of this cycle.

Going to see the Cancer Bats and 3 Inches of Blood tonight so I’ll be getting some extra pushing work in hopefully.

Had my face melted off by these guys last night, one of Canada’s greatest exports.


Extra pushing work was achieved, but I doubt Thibs will be recommending moshing as a Neural Charge workout anytime soon, sore as balls.


Deadlift: 135 x 5 -> 225 x 5 -> 275 x 5 -> 305 x 5 -> 335 x 5
Chin Ups: BW x 8 -> BW 25 x 5 -> BW 45 x 3 -> BW 45 x 3
DB Rows: 60 x 12 -> 85 x 10 -> 110 x 3
Face Pulls: 75 x 14 -> 115 x 12 -> 135 x 10

“Evil 8 Circuit w/70 lbs”

Maybe I’m just being to hard with myself, but I haven’t been satisfied with my workouts as of late. I’m getting my goal reps, but really don’t have anything left in the tank. I’ve narrowed my stance a bit with the deadlifts and in combination with my purchase of Chuck Taylors, I find I’m better off the floor but I’m starting to get paranoid about my form. I’m going to have to get someone to tape me just to be safe.

Hey Jase,got a few question/ comments.Curious,why vegan?no judgement,just curious(two of my kung fu instructors were both vegan so not knocking it,and i tried it for 6 weeks awhile back but spent to much time on the crapper and was bloated the whole time).do you struggle to get enough protein?have you eaten meat/or animal protein previuosly and how do your gains compare?Personally i love animal protein,but im am a chef in profession so i have to be able to pretty much eat anything.the eating for nutrition entirely i struggle with as well-as im obliged to sample various things through out the day but i admire you single mindedness

[quote]mntnbiker wrote:
Curious,why vegan?[/quote]
Because I personally think it’s the optimal way for a person to live. It’s also my way of doing my part to ensure that future generations have a world to live in.

It takes a lot longer than 6 weeks to fully adjust to any major dietary change, you were likely bloated from taking in far too much fiber and carbs.

No, there is proteins in everything. It just takes a little more time and thought.


Strength/Ensurance wise, I’ve never had faster improvements. I have no size or weight gains but I will say that a vegan diet is certainly not the most optimal for someone who is looking for size, not saying that someone can’t build an impressive and large physique following a vegan diet.

Probably not what you intended but that came off as incredibly insulting as I personally see myself as having a very open mind.

Haha i should have used the word dedication.there was definately no insult implied.