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World's Strongest Toddler


The story of 3-year-old Liam Hoekstra. Airing tonight on TLC.



Im watching it as we speak. That kid has some serious thighs.


Why the f would you not post the time its airing???


^follow the link ass


Did you not click on my link? They will show it again in about two hours.


Thanks, that was really interesting. I read they found that he has a defective myostatin receptor even though he produces a normal amount of myostatin like everyone else.

Hopefully he grows taller than they expect and he doesn't waste his gift on swimming or gymnastics. He would be fun to watch in track or in the NFL or bodybuilding/powerlifting/weightlifting.


Did he actually do anything impressive in the program? I have it being taped for 11pm. I watched a little video of him on youtube and he didn't really do anything in it.


i have to say i was totally under whelmed by this show. I think it was really poorly researched. Or the average is based on couch potato kids who never see the light of day.

I have two kids 7 mo. and 4 years of age and compared to them he seemed pretty average. Just as an example, my daughter has been doing multiple pullups since she was about 15 mo. old. in the show they said 3 year olds cant do one pullup? it might be true, but i find that hard to believe.

i think that his musculature has more to do with hyperactivity and positive reinforcement than any myostatin issue. I can tell you that my daughter is very hyperactive compared to her peers. It just gives her more time that they are moving around and exercising there muscles. it also gives her very low body fat as well.

The only thing that i saw that was odd was the claim that he was walking at 5 mo. if this is true, and i have my doubts, its my understanding that walking at an early age really does not have a lot to do with muscle mass though. it has to do with skeletal structure. most kids are still bow legged and incapable of walking at 5 mo.

I was hopeing this show was going to be about the german kid. That kid really does have pretty big muscles.


I agree. I have a 12 month old son whom i have been working out since he was just a few months. He walked at 11 months from teaching him. He's been breast fed and is the size of a 24 month old baby and with all the good organic food and meat protein he's sporting abs and huge spinal erectors you can see right through his polo. lol, on a baby.

I do think people in the USA under train their kids. Most kids life starts on starchy formula and continues right into just food and pop tarts while watching TV.

But dang. pullups at 1.5 years is great. I do static hangs with him now, but when he was 6 months he could hang by himself from a pull up bar. lol, no fear. As his body mass increased his strength lagged but will equalize as he gets accustomed to it.

My goal is to have him swim and such before 2.


There are pool safety classes where babies learn to flip over, float and cry for help. I highly suggest anyone with a baby sign them up. From there it's also a nice transition into swimming.


I too was a bit dissapointed in the documentary. I was hoping for more insight in Myostatin ihibition.

I thought it was funny how some parents feared for the lives of their child around Liam. Or that it would be unfair for him to play sports with his peers. As a parent I would be more worried about the credentials and background of the adults in charge then the 3-year-olds.


Yeah, I was unimpressed with the documentary. Those other kids were just really uncoordinated.

People in my family have pretty good genetics, but we don't get a documentary. My nephew wasn't even 2 before he could do a pushup, what a genetic freak, I'm concerned about whether he should be able to compete in sports, lol. And back when I had a pullup bar in my back yard, he would just hang on it and could pull himself half way up, and he was 2. He also had partially defined abs, some kids just don't carry as much fat as others, we never worried about him suffering from brain damage, lol.

They didn't have any proof that his body was blocking myostatin, they just assume because he's got sooooo much muscle mass. It was complete hype.

And since when was Michael Phelps' lack of lactic acid build up such a HUGE controversy? Lol, 45 minutes of my life I'll never get back.