Worlds Strongest Olympian

Forget this gay ass shit about bodybuilding being in the Olympics. Put the worlds stongest man in the olympics. They could do it in the summer games and come up with ten events that are done over ten days. These same events could be used every year. And for Gods sake let them do more lifting and less running. They are going to kill someone.

I second that Goldberg!!!

I would like to see it in the Olympics as well. But if you eliminate most of the drugs they are doing including steroids and street drugs it wouldn’t be nearly exciting.

Yeah no more running. Ed Coan said that’s why Mark Philippi messed up his knee a bunch of times. That would be cool, another kind of decathlon.

“Gay ass shit about bodybuilding”??? How about you stop the gay ass cheerleading?

I dont have time to compare them. Im about to go out to eat with one of the new girls. Maybe i will later. Anyways cheerleading is a hell of a lot more athletic than bodybuilding. Try this. Go to the gym. Grab a one hundred pound dumbbell. Toss it up in the air and catch it with your left hand fully extended. Now pop it up in the air and catch it with your right. Now imagine doing that with something that moves.

Goldberg, you are a cheerleader? Well I respect (or should I say fear) any woman that can toss a hundred dumbbell in the air and catch it with one hand. But I tell you what, call body building gay again and me and the Rock will find you, beat your pom pom tossing ass out of you skirt and hand your roody poo candy ass back to you :wink:

I like them both, though I agree bodybuilding is less athletic. I think the drugs can stay, they just got to figure out how to cover them up, just like most of the athletes. By the way, I would love to be a cheerleader, a job surrounded by hot chicks you don’t have to commit to…where did I go wrong.

Have any of you self-annointed “he-men” watched the Strongman contests on ESPN? Or how about the Eco-Challenge? Some of you so-called men are really sad…

Yeah I think that the strength of those fat bastards on the strongman competitions is incredible. So why don’t we all just kick the cardio, eat twinkies and lift cars all day. I’m sure that’ll get us laid.

eco-challenge, hmmm…it’s tough all right. I just could give the slightest damn about it. I not a big fan of basketball either. I like completely meaningless displays of raw power.

Why does drug use matter? You know all the Olympic athletes are doping, so what’s the problem? Strongman in the Olympics would be hella cool. And yeah, it would be much better than bodybuilding. I don’t want to watch a bunch of oiled up dudes in bikini briefs strutting around the stage.

I dont know what you are talking about but the strong men are my heroes. They are badass. And a few of these guys could diet for 8 weeks and step on a stage and blow most bodybuilders out of the water. You can make fun of the way they look, but most pro bodybuilders look the same way in the offseason. And from the looks of their girl friends and wives on tv they dont look like they have any problem getting any. Looks dont mean much when it comes to girls. Why else would Jared have a beautiful wife? There are other things that women might find more attractive. Hey Rookie, Not everybody can be first, but you Can BE NEXT!

I’m sure those guys train for themselves & not to get the approval of somebody else. They obviously don’t care what you or anyone else think. You need to get a clue.

I was saying that I LIKE the Strongmen contests. I don’t think there is a need to add it to the Olympics either. I would be afraid that the judging would become mucked up - I like how it’s done now. And I am a competitive bodybuilder and one that believes in “functional strength” - that’s why I’m in such awe of the competitors of the Strongman contests. Those guys are amazing…

Patricia is should have clarified. I wasnt talking about you after the first sentence. I was talking to the guy who said they looked like shit. sorry.

I just did an interview with one of the Michigan State cheerleading coaches and some of the team last week. It was cool (for lots of reasons, not the least of which being the little hot elf-women on the team). One of my wrestling coaches in high school had us do some of the cheerleading drills and moves during peak season around the state contests. That was seriously hard shit, especially after 4 hours of practice, but it broke the monotony I guess. I have nothing but respect for college cheerleaders as athletes, and have followed the threads that have been posted here about the subject with some interest.

Anyways, I used to Olympic lift here at state, and I was watching the cheerleaders practice, and thinking about what you have said before about throwing a dumbell in the air. I think that that’s an apples and oranges comparison. Having done one-arm snatches and other similar movements as part of OL training, I don’t think that that is a particularly good illustrative example. I couldn’t help but think that when I read your comment. Goldberg, why don’t YOU try to throw a hundred pound dumbell in the air and catch it? Do you know what will happen? Hint: Wear a helmet :slight_smile: Another observation I had after reading all the cheerleaders post about “try throwing xxx weight in the air and holding it” while I was watching the MSU team-- the girl is not dead weight in your arms when you are exploding up, they are jumping too, so you are not actually accelerating her whole weight. However, once she’s up there, you have to hold her and balance her. Whereas during the lift-up her not being an inanimate barbell was an advantage because she could help you out, as you hold her in the air it becomes a real liability because you have to balance as she’s counter-balancing. From my own limited experience, I think that the balancing and acrobatic elements are what make cheerleading so athletic and so difficult, not the strength involved. This is sort of analagous to Olympic lifting: much of the sport at most levels is more about quickness, flexibility, balance, and technique than brute strength, although I would hazard that raw muscle is a bit more important in OL. I am interested to hear what you or the other cheerleaders on the board think about my (meandering) observation.
p.s. Yeah, if synchronized diving and team sports can be in the olympics, why not strong man.

You put WSM in the Olympics and its gonna suck compared to what it is now. Weightlifting took a gigantic shit after the IOC clamped down on the drug testing because of the 1988 Bulgarian team debacle and to this day has not recovered. Virtually all world records stopped in 1988 and they aren’t coming back. All the cool shit you see on WSM is gonna be a memory once those guys have to deal with the 24-hour No Advance Notification doping policy of the fascist fucks at the IOC. Keep the WSM rockin’, keep it out of the Olympics!

Hey Rookie you’re a stupid shit. Anyone who lifts weights just to get some has to be.

What’s the Eco Challenge? Is it another strongman sort of thing?