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World's Strongest Man

Today they had a World’s Strongest Man marathon on ESPN Classic today. They had on the qualifiers from 2001. Odd Haugen was competing at 51(!) to make him the oldest person ever to compete in WSM.

This is some truly inspirational stuff to see a 51 year old competing and actually beating people half of his age. He even pulled 722 raw and tore off some of his hand, but taped it up and came back to win second place in the stones!

He said that while he lost a step in quickness, his strength still was holding strong.

Very impressive and inspirational stuff from an amazing man.


that is incredible. i saw him competing in strongman superseries at mohegan sun in spring of this year also. Didnt do too well, but still at his age thats impressive either way

I got to hear Odd Haugen speak as well as see him compete at the Fitexpo earlier this year. He is obviously very smart and dedicated to be still hanging with the world’s strongest at 55+ years old.