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World's Strongest Man


Hey couch potatoes!the worlds strongest man comp.is on all afternoon! ESPN...


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I hate myself for missing all but the last 20 minutes of the last one.

I saw this post earlier today too, but forgot about it.

What I saw was great though.


Just a heads-up to any who missed it, it's on the 7th starting at 4:00PM also.



Yea that was the second time I've seen those this week. Hopefully they will keep playing them because well yea they kick ass.


Yeah, I watched a little bit of it. I don't know any of the competitors so I just routed for the USA guy :slight_smile:

Who won?


Mariusz Pudzianowski from Poland.

The man is a freak!

I think that would be my ideal physique.


From his website:
The measurements of Mariusz Pudzianowski:
- Biceps 56 cm
- Nape 54 cm
- Waist 92 cm
- Thigh 80 cm
- Weight 132 kg
- Height 186 cm
- Chest 148 cm
- Forearm 45 cm

Translated into inches, pounds, and feet:
- Biceps 22"
- Nape 21"
- Waist 36"
- Thigh 31"
- Weight 290 lbs
- Height 6'3"
- Chest 58.27"
- Forearm 17.72"

Wow! This guy is so wide I thought he was relativley short.
Just watching him for 20 minutes made me want to start strongman lifting.


Its a pity now that the worlds strongest man contest seems to be split. With only a few of the worlds best it seemed obvious Mariusz was gonna win it (no offense to the guys who didn't win).

Without Savickas, Bergmanis, The Viking etc it wasn't that good. I would like to see a reunited contest!


The wife and I watched the last five hours. It amazes me how guys that are 390+ pounds are weaker in many of the events than those competitors of lighter weight, 285 lbs, like Mariusz.

They all have their strengths and weaknesses.

Great competition


Thanks. I'm bumping this 'cause I don't want to miss it again (though there's a good chance I will miss it).

I wonder if they can be rented at blockbuster???

Hell, they're comming out with all kinds of "complete __ season" of sitcoms, why not something interesting?


I know I'm going to butcher the spelling but where were Vyrastuk, Savickas, and the viking strongmen?

I watched this yesterday evening and it looks good for USA strongmen in the future if everyone can stay healthy.


My favorite was Marunde personally, he gave Pudz a hell of a run in the beginning.


They were pressured into competing at a seperate IFSA Worlds competition. I'd like to see it back together too. The sport's small enough as it is, it'd suck royally for it to splinter like powerlifting did.




it would be much more interesting to see all the top strongmen competing together again...

as far a powerlifting goes...I think it would be great if there were only two organizations...one for drug free and one for gassed lifters...it'll never happen of course but it would be cool if it did...


Woo Hoo! I checked out my last few posts to see if there were any missed responses, and I got reminded of this one.

So today at 4:00PM right?

Hopefully I won't forget by then.


Thanks for reminding me. My cable guide says it will be on ESPN2 starting at 4:30pm.


Watched bits of this this week. MArunde is undoubtedly an upcoming force, and no doubt his attitude is somewhat tongue in cheek, but in the heats on he irritated me. Some sportsmen can pull off arrogance, he couln't IMO. I thought at times he was borderline disprespectful.

The 20 year old yank who never made the finals (called Knee? I can't remember...) also looks set to do some damage in future years. He's impossibly strong for his age, and comes off very well when interviewed - well spoken, humble about his achievements, seemed generally a decent bloke. I know how you interview has fuck all to do with how good at the sport you may be, but it does win you more supporters...


I've been following Strongman for years and I think these guys exemplify good sportsmanship, in comp and interview. They truely are great competitors.