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World's Strongest Man


I must have seen them a hundred times... But I just get sucked into watching them each time they are on.
They had the 2002 & 2003 on cable last night and I found myself parked in front of the set again.
I like to see Bill Kazmaier still looking like a monster too.


Me too. Kaz looks like he could come off the sidelines and still make a good showing!


The sad thing was seeing Johnny Perry. What a tragedy.


Wow I'm glad I wasn't the only one who was watching this LoL

Only good thing TV is for


There is a 2004 Super Series event from Sweden on TSN tonight @ 5:30 EST. I can't remeber who is competing in this one - but expect to see Magnus, Svend, Zydrunas and probably Pudz.


My son happened to see an old UFC fight where there was a clip of Tank Abbot Bench Pressing 600lbs. So he asks if Tank could compete with these guys...My answer..."No way ...it's a totally different level of strength."

I love Worlds Strongest Man Competitions. Whenever, they come on my wife immediately knows that we are not watching anything else...ha ha


Speaking of tonight I got to meet Mark Philippi (or how ever you spell his name)

Very cool guy. My dad works TCU football security. He is the strength coach for UNLV and the rebels were playing the horn frogs tonight. The rebels got spanked and had to sit through an extra long Jersey retirement for L.T. LaDanian Tomlinson. My dad got me sideline pass to see the event but out of the corner of my eye I see this massive man. I didn't know for sure if the SC coach would make the trip but he did.

I went by him and waited till he was getting a drink of Gatorade and introduced myself and told him how cool it was to meet him in person. Asked him about the WSM and he said this upcoming season would be his last year. Too much wear and tear he said. The ceremony ended. He shook my hand and politely excused himself. He shook my hand as leaving and repeated my name while patting me on the back.

His grip was intense and I could tell he wasn't trying. His arms and upper back were huge. it was cool to meet a guy with such power and character. I have always rooted for Zavikus or Phister but for one year I have a new favorite. Mark Philippi.


Oh...you could take him. :slight_smile: