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Worlds strongest man

Is anyone going to the Wolds Strongest Man qualifying event in Sonora CA on the weekend of June 8?

Actually Horace, Bill K. begged me to come and compete but I have a wheelchair race on June 8 and that takes priority. All the big names will be there. BTW, how’s your abstinence going? Staying out of harm’s way I hope!

Damn! I wanna go! I would love to see this thing LIVE. Be totally cool.

Online info on this event anywhere?

Wow! I would totally love to go. I’m just over in the Bay Area, so I could easily drive over there.

Do you have ticket information? I would love to see these guys in person?

If you are going, sport a Biotest or Testosterone shirt (I will).

Go here for info http://www.strongestman.com/ other/2002/sss02.shtml

Thanks for the site info, Drax. Just “thumbed” through the site - hey, I saw the “Strongest Woman” contest. I read that the woman who won the 2001 event, is 5’4" and weighs 172lbs. Wild.

Saw that there's gonna be a "Oregon Strongest Beaver" contest (yeah, I chuckled, too people), in October. We might check that out - probably won't be as fun as the other one, though.

Why don’t you compete? You may not win, but you’ve got to beat somebody. It would be a fun change of pace anyway.

Drax - Thanks for the link. Barring anything unexpected, I'll be there both days.

Y’know - I’ve been thinking about entering a Powerlifting contest, too. THIS would be a little more fun, though! Man, would be totally a great change of pace from not having to diet and get all greased up for a contest! Just eat and lift!

Yeah Jill Mills, 5’4, 170 and can beat my ass into the ground. If I’m not mistaken she used to be a bodybuilder but now just lifts a lot of weight. See jillmills.com

She says her entire backyard has been transformed into her training facility. She has 600lb tires back there…where in the hell do I get 600lb tires? Oh my god - 600lb tires!

I won’t make it to the one in CA, but I am going to a few here on the east coast. I am going to one July 6, Chad Coy is running it, he’s one of the best and posts on here sometimes, you might want to ask him about it, I think there’s a womens division. Just a question, if anyone else competes, how would you work this training in with everything else, because I decided it’s time to get to lookin a little better too, so does anyone else here cross train? I don’t want to give up strongman, in fact, I’m wanting to enter my first contest this summer. Well, thanks in advance if you got any ideas.

This guy at my gym has be training for it for the past year. He brings a yoke to the gym! He also has the stones, and some homemade bars with handles in the middle for doing farmers walks. He told me it will be relatively cheap and its a 2 day event. Jason, I am back on track with eveything and feeling much better. Thanks for asking! Maybe I will see you there. Just write JASON NORCROSS on your shirt, then I’ll know it’s you. (JK)