World's Strongest Man Influenced By CT

As most on this forum will know Martin’s Licis just won Worlds Strongest Man. Naturally I searched every bit of info I could on the man. I came by a Podcast where Martin’s explained his main influence on his training style was none other than Christian Thibadeau and his writings. Dont think there is any better recommendation than the current Worlds Strongest Man. Something to hang your hat on coach for all those years of top quality free info on this site.

After the weekend, I hear JF Caron is no longer talking to CT.


LOL! I also help JF and his partner Jimmy. But I can’t say that I’m not pleased that Martin won :slight_smile:

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care to elaborate?

So happy to hear Martins won. I always enjoy reading CT’s articles and training advice. Thanks CT for all you do!

Martins said that his favorite method for strength is the first part of Beast Building, the motor skill acquisition: so 20 mins where he does as many sets of a given reps number (80% for sets of 3, 85% for sets of 2, 90% for sets of 1).