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World's Strongest Man General Discussion

Watched the Stoltmans train with Eddie Hall for England’s Strongest Man. (first of a series this week I believe) Another two guys who can be/are top 5 in WSM. Tom finished 5th in 2019, Luke 7th. Tom has the potential to win a WSM imo; Luke is not good enough in the Atlas stones, the signature finisher event.

The Scottish accents are fascinating. They have to “translate” with sub-titles when it’s not particularly understandable LOLOL. “Jobby” is an awesome new word for my “vocabulary”.

Luke Stoltman squats with the form of an Olympic weightlifter, closest to Martins! I’ve seen.

Tom is very athletic, and has the height to grow to rival the size of Thor.

The Stoltmen are Scottish so wouldn’t be eligible for Englands strongest man.

They’re serious competitors though. I can definitely see the taller one as a potential WSM eventually.

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Britain, not just England, then:

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Britain’s Strongest has such a stacked lineup this year, it’s ridiculous. Tom Stoltman is of course one of the favorites, but Luke is great as well. Remember, he beat Tom at WUS last year.
Adam Bishop has to be the third favorite along with the Stoltmans, he gets better every year. Luke Richardson looks like a serious darkhorse. Terry Hollands seems like he’s in the best place he’s been in years. Ben Brunning has been phenomenal in Manchester last year. And there’s several more who could get in there in a good day.

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It’s a great time to be a fan of strongman for sure. So much new talent.

Meanwhile, Brian Shaw’s last 2 videos are about his $500,000 home gym, and his $120,000 truck. Yes, the amounts are in the thumb nails. In my humble opinion, Shaw has already packed it in mentally. Martins! for the win in Santa Monica!

WSM will be back in Bradenton, Florida. 20 - 24 May. So it’s soon and it looks like it will be same format as last year.

Also SBD is onboard as a sponsor.

I noticed that the competitors other than the biggest names were wearing SBD sleeves over their wraps. I was thinking that maybe they had to do that? Not sure.

I am thinking the return on investment isn’t there. IMO, he should hang it up at this point. He has already abused his body quite a lot, while being a large individual (can’t be great on average for longevity).

Hopefully, 620,000 is not much money for Brian.

The more I watch Thor, the more I like the guy.

Martins! is gonna have to make room in my bed for Thor…

Thor is going to absolutely dominate the Arnold’s in Ohio.

Thor doesn’t need an advantage, but with the bag toss as an event, Thor is basically starting off with a meaningful lead over Martins!. Plus he has the strongest deadlift. That’s two first place finishes in the bag, pun intended.

Absolutely agree that, barring injury, he’s going to continue his dominance from before WSM '19. The fight for the other podium spots will be interesting though. Looking forward to seeing in what kind of shape Mateusz returns.