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Worlds Strongest Man 2019 Discussion


Starting this thread up to see everyones opinions on the upcoming WSM event next week and what everyone’s predictions to standings, etc.

Personally think Thor will take first, with shaw and licis taking 2nd and 3rd


It’s hard to see Thor losing but the deadlift being a hold and the squat for reps open the door for Licis, Shaw and Mateuz ever so slightly.

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Good fun to watch. Brian’s videos are great. What a genuine top bloke.


Slightly is right. I can’t imagine Thor drops enough points on those two events to make up for how comprehensively he’s going to win everything else.

Also don’t forget he finished second only to Mark Felix, who has hands like krakens, in the grip event at Europe’s.


I think you’ve probably nailed it right there. Although, Kieliszkowski always seems to find his way to the podium and keeps getting better and better.


I’ll be rooting for Licis but I can’t imagine Thor doesn’t win.

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I love watching these guys and following them on youtube, Mateusz has a huge chink in his armour, his deadlift is not up to the other boys. I think Thor will win, and that Martins is his greatest competition as he is a hell of a leg and grip strength package. The events appear to suit him, but the lean mean 203.5 kg Thor PRing in his lifts recently is ominous. I think Big Brian will be the third man on the podium.


Thor first, Martins second, Shaw third.

Most would probably swap the 2nd and 3rd but I’m going for it.


Can you bet on it?


Thor first, Martins second, Shaw in contention for first until he gets hurt, leaving Mateusz in third.


If you watched Thor’s Youtube videos, his grip strength is definitely not on a par with Martins!'s grip strength. Unless Thor was faking it in the training videos, but he is not that kind of guy from what I can tell.


True, but Thor is significantly stronger than Martins, so his conditioning will be better just because he’ll be less phased by the events. I think it’s gonna be close though. Martins is a bit weaker statically but faster and probably more technically efficient if that means anything.


I agree with what you’re saying for sure. If you watch Martins’ videos, he drops some really, really insightful nuggets on training. Dude is so knowledgeable, AND he has Odd Haugen in his corner.

Thor is so, so strong. But he probably can’t even get into position to do a Steinborn squat, at all, while Martins will continue to milk his Steinborn WR for cash into the future.

One interesting note, @T3hPwnisher has pointed out that World’s Strongest Man will “tailor” events to specific notable athletes, such as when Eddie Hall won with a bunch of static strength events. This year WSM supposedly has a grip event, which Martins excels at. My theory is WSM is hoping for a close contest between Thor/Martins, and wants to “help” Martins out a bit…


Maybe they want a range of winners.


Don’t forget about Shaw and grip, he’s always doing grip challenges on his you tube channel.


For anyone interested, Kalle Beck’s YT channel has videos of WSM events.

Looks like Thor tweaked his foot/ankle on a farmer’s carry…


A guy named Mattis Bjorheim came up on my YT feed, and this dude is churning out A LOT of (short) videos of all the heats being run.


Torn plantar fascia is the latest report. It’s going to make that 2nd WSM title very hard to grab


Do you know why they lightened the weights AND shortened the distance after the first (Thor’s) group went? Was it because of the rain and wet ground?

I bet Thor’s people are going to be pissed about the changes…

It’s amazing how Mateusz has a “weak” deadlift and squat, but is so good at the truck pull and yoke.