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World's Strongest Man - 2018


THOR!!! THOR!!! Despite Thor throwing a tantrum last year I am still rooting for him this year.

Speaking of fairness hard to not see the strong difference between Finals Events from this year to last year.

Thor was probably right to be pretty pissed off last year.


Updated Spreadsheet:


Andddd thors done it!


Dominant performance by Thor as expected.

Licis maintained his 4th position and Caron 5th from last year.

Shaw did not win an event which is probably the first time in many, many years.

The story of the day is Kielszkowski who grabbed second, once again let down by his hinge with deadlift and stones costing him a real shot at an upset win.


Holy SHIT, Kieszkowski ahead of Shaw? Thor totally deserved this win, even if I have disliked him in the past he’s so dominant atm.


Looks like Shaw hurt his right arm during his 200kg overhead attempt. Haven’t heard a diagnosis, but it appears to have slowed things down on day two.