World's Strongest Man - 2018

Starting Strongman has posted rumoured events for this year:

Frame Carry
Car Deadlift
Loading Race
Truck Pull
Max Overhead
Atlas Stones

Strangely, they favoured a Car Deadlift to a Barrel Squat/Deadlift which appears in the heat (less stressful I guess).

I think these are good events for Thor and for Shaw. It does leave the door a little bit open for Licis and Kieliszkowski if everything goes right for them.

Might even be a small glimmer of hope for Big Z in there. On the will he/won’t he drama - I think Hall will sit this one out.

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If I had to bet on it, my money’d be on Shaw. I don’t believe Hall will stay away from WSM, but I also don’t think he’ll win with these events. Personally, I’m happy they seem to be going back to more moving events.

It’ll be interesting to see how the British guys do today on Britain’s Strongest Man. I know I repeat myself and he obviously won’t have anything to do with the title or even the podium, but it’s been terrible to see Hollands fail in the qualifiers the last two years. I like the guy and would really like to see him in the finals once more.

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Terry Hollands’ GF just went live on Instagram with the super yoke(motorcycle carry) and he crushed it, super speedy lean Terry. Don’t know results but if he is at WSM this year I would honestly say he has a chance at the podium again.

Here’s a link to Barbend with the full list sent out, pardon me if I fail to embed, haven’t done it on this site yet.


Yeah with these events Thor, Licis, Kieleskowski(sp?), and if he’s uninjured Shaw would be favored IMO. Hollands and Shahlaei too if they’re there, both can move well and Terry was the best truck puller around before Thor showed up, lol.

[quote=“alexbstronger, post:3, topic:238313”]
Terry Hollands’ GF just went live on Instagram with the super yoke(motorcycle carry) and he crushed it, super speedy lean Terry.[/quote]

Seems like he took third on that event and won the loading race. Atlas stone results aren’t online yet, Hall’s in first place, Hicks in second, Hollands fifth.

I’d like nothing better but I just don’t think it’s realistic.

And please tell me that “Mark Steele” is a stage name. Almost remeniscent of Homer Simpson’s Max Power.

Or Dick Sharpe :wink:

Hey, in case anyone thinks my name is supposed to be some sort of sexual pun, it’s not! It’s chosen after Richard “Dick” Sharpe from the series of novels by Bernard Cornwell who was in turn named after the rugby player Richard Sharp.

Anyway, Hollands made third overall yesterday because of a good performance in the stones. Still, at WSM I think a middle-of-the-pack finish would be absolutely thrilling for him after the dissapointing last two years.

If these really are the finals events, I’d bet on Thor and Shaw as the 2 guys to beat, and I could see either one winning. And I would think a top 4 finish for Z is probably in the cards as well. I don’t believe Z can win the Stones, deadlift or truck pull, so that’s kind of a problem for him, and it’s why I don’t really see a path to him getting a top 2 spot overall. But who knows. If he comes in really healthy, with an improved deadlift, anything is possible.

Date & location have been confirmed: 28 April to 6 May in the Phillipines.

I want to start this mini rant off by saying I think Eddie Hall is capable of some pretty crazy stuff and a great athlete.

But I lost respect for him when he quit right after he won, and now he is playing into the drama if he will or won’t compete. He talked about his weight as the main concern in quitting WSM. But isn’t his weight pretty much the same as when he was competing in WSM?

It seems to me he’s scared to lose, he wants to be that guy that only won 1 but could have won 5 if he didn’t care care about his health. Which is a completely false narrative.

On another note I think shaw vs thor is going to be amazing this year, I can’t wait

He’s said that losing would outweigh any reward for winning a second. I’m not sure if that’s true but the above is one way of interpreting it.

BTW, I reckon last year’s loss is exactly what Thor needed to light a fire under him. I expect a great few years from him.

I do think it’s a false narrative. I think he cares about his wife, not his health. And I think he’s been saying, publicly and behind closed doors to her, what he needs to say to manage that relationship. She loves his success, but it also clearly scares her to death.

I would not respect the idea of leaving the sport because he’s ‘scared to lose’, I just don’t think that’s what’s really going on here. I think he’s scared to lose his wife and son.

I would be very disappointed if a significant other tried to make me give up my passion, that must be very rough. I wonder what kind of stuff he was taking when he was at his peak strength wise. It would be very interesting to see.

if you don’t have kids, you would not understand this. I hear where you’re coming from, but she just wants her son to have a dad for longer than a few more years. That’s entirely justifiable.

not hard to take a guess… GH, maybe insulin, on top of the standards like high test, tren, handfuls of orals. Orals would be just whatever he responds best to and likes. Same as any other injectables he’d throw in. There aren’t really any secrets out there as far as drug use goes. Just gotta use a lot of them at the highest level.

I was more referring to the dosage, I wonder if he was taking insane doses, like stupid high especially for the 500kg deadlift. As far as the kid thing is concerned, I get that logic of it, I would just have a very hard time with that personally. But there are some things you don’t know, until you know.

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gotcha. Probably depends on your definition of insane.

Of course this is just speculation, but if I were a betting man, I would put money on ‘over 4 grams’ between orals and injectables, particularly in the weeks leading up to comp. I think that would be a safe bet.

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I think Eddie is a great athlete, but I think that if he had to compete against a healthy Shaw and Z, then he wouldn’t have made top 3.

Thor goes BANG!

I think Brian Shaw pulled 1030+ with this bar. I think bumpers are thicker than the plates they use in the Arnold but this must put him in the game with a peak still to come.

Going to be an interesting Arnolds.