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World's Strongest Man 2016

The events are out:

Circus Barbell
Deadlift (max)
Kettlebell Throw
Plane pull
Frame carry

Not a bad spread of events given the strengths of each of the competitors. Probably between Shaw and Thor with Big Z not able to compete - it’ll be interesting to see what Eddie pulls after 2 weeks.

On a side note, I think the Arnold is going to have a 100k purse next year. How long can this event offer 25k (or whatever it is) and still maintain its status - it wont be long before the “international” Arnolds will be offering more than this.

Interested to see if someone else makes a go at a 500 kg pull. Is Big Z out? I am out of the Strongman loop.

Yup. Shoulder injury flared up. He’s getting up there in age, can’t bounce back like he used to.

Not a bad lay out this year. Excited for the frame carry. Haven’t seen that in WSM for a long time, if ever.

Thought it is his back that still isn’t up to par.
Anyway a pitty that he can’t compete.

I am excited for the circus barbell, I think it is a coo levent. In general I am excited what Eddie and the guys who competed at Europe’s can do. The events itself are actually very good for Hall, minus the throws maybe. Anyway I am rooting for Shahlei like always and I think Shaw has the best chance of winning.

I know his back is always dodgy, but the last thing I read was shoulder. He’s got a lot of broken in him, haha.

Am I the only one more fired up about the absence of keg toss rather than Zydrunas? I’ll miss Z dearly this year but for fucks sake thank GOD that shitty event is gone!!!

I like the Keg toss. I particularly like thr one where Shaw blitzed through it then said no one would beat his time only to have Hafthor blow his time out the water… the look on his face…

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I remember that too :slight_smile:

Hopefully big z will come back next year stronger than ever.
Is that a deadlift 1 rm max ?

No, it’s just 1 rep max, not 1 rep max max.

Good event for quick feet, throw it in air and run so i don’t hit on head.

Yeah way under paid, yet if i hit a little ball for 18 holes and place 10th i got home 150000. If i were to win lotto i would make it 100000 first place with two weight class 110kg, and super heavy. I wait to watch on you tube, as mainstream sports needs 40 bowl games . When people see the physiques of under 110kg guys, who do strongman they will be suprised, i think if i could only do 10 exercises, total for strength and development at least 6 would be strongman events