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World's Strongest Man 2009


Hey all, I was doing some research on the web to find out the dates for the upcoming 2009 WSM.....but can't find anything solid.

Apparently from what I've read, there was no qualifying event due to contract negotiations from a previous company running out after 2008. SO, with no qualifying events, it was rumored that this year would be an invite only event. Is this true?

Also, does anyone know the date and location of the upcoming WSM?

Is there even going to be a 2009 WSM?

thanks for any and all help!!



Once the location is determined im sure it will be posted on ironmind.


Thanks, I already checked that out, and it didn't tell me anything. That's why I'm posting here cuz maybe someone came across something That could help me out.

Thanks though man!!


From what I understand it's going back to Sun City South Africa in September. They have had a bunch of qualifiers this year.


Yea don't worry, I'm sure it'll air on espn2 at 2:30 in the morning in 2012


It usually airs on the day before Christmas I believe.


they show a marathon of it all of christmas day


This is what i've heard as well, and yes, there were qualifiers, mohegan sun and viking power (in norway) among them. And yes, it'll air around christmas


Is Pudzianowski competing this year