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Worlds Strongest Man 2008


I don't see a thread for this, so I guess I dropped the ball. The WSM 2008 premeired yesterday on ESPN2, the best WSM I have seen in my short career... It will be airing again Sunday, December 28th 1pm-7pm on ESPN, I think the finals are 6-7 if you don't want to watch all the qualifiers.

Feel free to discuss how bad ass TO looked on the keg toss, or how bad ass all the other Americans were as they filled up the top spots in the finals.


Wont be able to catch this on TV, know anywhere else to watch it?


Nope, was just looking on torrent sites and did a google search.

And thanks Threewhitelights, will definitely be watching WSM all day Sunday, since I missed it yesterday.


Ortmayer was a beast with the kegs.

Even more amazing to me was how thoroughly Marius dominated even with the strained calf.


Anyone else die a little inside when Poundstone missed that last stone against Pudzianowski? I thought for sure he was going to take it, and it just slipped out.

I woke up half the neighborhood when he missed that.


who ended up winning i saw 2 qualifying rounds as i dont have cable at my friends if u dont mind sharing?


Man, I watched all night and fell asleep at the last commercial break of the finals.

Ortmayer looked insane on all the events, but the kegs were just amazing. Poundstone and Ostuland were also really impressive. I think though watching Pudz pull the truck with the strained calf was fucking awesome, knowing how much your calves do on a truck pull that had to be insanely painful, but he just didn't care....


Argh I have no cable right now.


I watched that too. Marius commands exponential respect! I think he even did the best time as well.



Did you watch the show? Domination is where you win most/all of the events and have it locked up before the last event, this was the closest it's been since 2006.

I'd say it's much more surprising how Poundstone managed not to make a big deal out of his ankle injury, which was just as severe as mariusz' calf


I think he was talking about the 4th round qualifiers, mariusz he won the truck pull, the clean and press, and i cant recall the rest but he did come out on top in the qualifiers.

One of the commentators did say that at the finals it seemed mariusz was back to 100% in his calves.

Was it me, or did they use a squat suit during the squat events but covered it up..Do they do that because they think it will lose them some fans?


They do it for branding reasons. They dont want inzer, metal, whomever to get free advertising. If one of em were to pony up some $$ I wouldnt be at all surprised to see an inzer-suits-only rule or something implemented, under the auspices of "standardization." In fact, I'd be all in favor of anythign that'd infuse some cash into the competition, as long as it goes towards the athletes, or otherwise growing the competition.


I didn't pay a whole lot of attention, but in many events most of them wear rehband pants, which could possibly be confused with a suit. If they were blue, they were probably rehband.


they allowed suit like they always do on squat, and deadlift. wraps as well.


The Norwegan guy who came second to Mariusz in the heats is an absolute beast-destroyed everyone on the stones


Who was the young guy from Norway? I think he will do really well in the future, heck he did well period.

I love seeing Norway do well, thats my heritage. But USA really did well, I love it!!


That was Arild Haugen, and it actually appears that he may not be competing in strongman anymore. After worlds he reevaluated where he was/what he wanted - he mentioned that even coming in 8th (I think) at worlds he still only made a few thousand - and that he felt that boxing would provide him wiht a better life. So hte latest i've heard is that he's going into boxing


well hell, he's only 22. even if he comes back in a few years, he'll still be alright, assuming he stays in SM shape, but why would he if he's boxing? i stand corrected.


after watching many folks struggle with the 50,000 lb. truck, did anyone else find the performances on the 88,000 lb. plane over a longer distance a little out of proportion? it should've been much harder right? it looked easier for them to me...


The initial weight is really just contributing to the difficulty of the start. The plane probably had a much smaller coefficient of friction, so it made the pull overall easier.

On another note, a lot of people will try to tell you that getting it started is the only tough part, that after it's moving it's easy because it has momentum. These people are wrong, and have most likely never pulled anything heavy while strapped in by a harness.