Worlds Strongest Disabled Man

I have a friend there now. He came 2nd at the Arnolds a few weeks back. Set a world record there. His name is Mac Mclaren. If you get a few moments give it a watch. Its free to watch. Disabled / adapted strong man is hell of a sport.

Well I clicked the link and it is a broken link, at least that’s the message I got.

I will say, I think 2 of the most impressive things I have seen are:

  1. I believe it was a 180lb atlas stone load to about 48", with one arm (the athlete either only had 1 arm, or couldn’t use his other arm for some reason, I cannot remember off of the top of my head). I feel very confident I wouldn’t even be able to lap a stone with 1 arm, much less load it.

  2. Seated deadlift WR, which I think was around 550 kg.

Both of these feats are, in my opinion, absolutely mind blowing.

I watched some of the show. But live. Maybe I only copped 1/2 the link of something. Or it timed out.

Yeah - you look at the adapted events and it is crazy how strong these guys are. My mate (who won his class. Officially WSM in his class now) can do more reps with an 100kg log than I can. And he is seated. 0 leg drive. He pulled a 240kg maybe 260kg seated deadlift a month back.

The 550kg guys are in separate classes based on their disability. The stones and stuff is also REALLY hard. Doing it in a wheel chair they have the stones on barrels and you have to move it from right to left (or left to right). So much core strength.

You know that more then happy my mate won - I’m happy that guy like him are getting the recognition and a place to compete. I’m waiting for some videos. When I get them I will share.

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If it is the guy I am thinking of, his other arm is paralyzed. I have seen the guy do a powerlifting meet as well. Seems pretty risky IMO. Especially the squat and bench.

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I get what you mean, but I am the last person to preach to someone about risk aversion with respect to lifting haha. I mean, I intentionally kept lifting even after I knew I had a torn lat at my last comp, and I knew I would only make it worse.


I am not saying that he shouldn’t do it. Just that it might make me nervous doing it. I think it’s great that he is out there showing what can be done.

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