World's Strongest Boy

Yep, you know you have great genetics when they will cause you to be a freak for the rest of your life. Being studied for the rest of your life - a veritable gift from the Gods.

I realy don’t think this kid is too far outside the norm. He may have great training, which would put him way over the top for his age, but I have seen similar.
I started wrestling at 10 yrs old, which is kind of a late start in western Pa. There were some kids in my division,usualy farmboys from down around West Virginia who started training at around 4 or 5yrs old. Those kids are phenominal. Super strong, and can run forever.By twelve these kids can rip the head off of most adults.
You would be amazed at what early training can do.Just check out some of the local gradeschool wrestling matches.

[quote]cap’nsalty wrote:
Yep, you know you have great genetics when they will cause you to be a freak for the rest of your life.

Only freak in the eyes of people who choose to judge.

Being studied for the rest of your life - a veritable gift from the Gods. [/quote]

What he has IS a gift from God and a gift from God should be used to the benefit of others, not squandered. This young boys genetic condition could bring hope to the lives of people who suffer every second of their waking hours. No where in the article does it say this boy will be kept in a bubble the rest of his life or subject to cruel and unusual testing. If that where the case, of course, I’d be against it.

As avid weight lifters we can all sit back and think about how cool it is for this kid to be as strong as he is, but when you think about it, it seems a bit exploitative on the parents part.

I’m all for kids training with weights at a certain age. However, this kid started to young, as the article (at the end of the post) from the Mayo clinic will attest: “It’s certainly not necessary for a 5 or 6 year old to be lifting weights. Kids instead should be learning balance and control etc.”

I have no idea how tall his parents are but at 12 1/2 years of age he is only 4’ 10" and 100lbs. Did the early training (at 4 years old) stunt his growth? I have no idea. However, just as an earlier poster stated, when you push a child early he will develop. You don’t need a genetic mutation to advance, just narrow minded parents interested in self promotion and financial gain. The only problem is what are the later ramifications to the child physically and emotionally?

The emotional aspects of putting a child out for display at the age of 5 or 6 is not the most healthy environment either. No different than the overbearing stage mothers who push their child into acting or beauty contests. I think it’s real unfortunate and exploitative.

In Australia i saw a cheap documentary on him, and in an interview with his mum she said when he was 1 yr old he could hold the doctor back from giving him a shot. If that’s not an abnormally strong baby, i was born a fkucing weekling. And BTW, he is Ukrainian, Land of the freakishly strong.

[quote]T-nationman wrote:
bench press 200lbs
barbell curl sets of 90lbs

OK he’s 12. I honestly knew a farm boy, wrestler, ballplayer whose dad died when he was 5 who had to do most of the work on the (small) farm and before his 14th birthday he was 5-9 220 with 24 inch thighs and 47 inch chest and solid 16 inch arms. He deadlifted 315 for five reps and overhead pressed 135 for 10 right before going into 8th grade. Haven’t seen him in a while, but as a sophomore he was 6-0 260. Oh, I forgot, his dad was an NFL lineman and his mom was 5-6 250 with huge hairy forearms and the biggest back I’ve ever seen on a female human. He should be 18 now.