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World's Strongest 80 Year Old


It was on ESPN's top ten... it was some guy who was like 80 years old trying to OH press 740 lbs worth of DB's. He groaned and grunted for a few seconds, then they budged, if my eyes served me correctly. That was it.

Anyone else happen to catch this?


Noone likes you but me.

I saw it, it was really dumb. No range of motion or anything. He made a whistling sound and they budged.


I was watching the iron man on NBC tonight and there was an 80 year old who finished it. (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run)


I suppose it's about as impressive as benchpressing 700 lbs with your spotter deadlifting it off your chest. Seriously ESPN, cut the shit. No more fake lifts.


Yeah I saw that, it was moronic. If "lifting" a weight involves sliding it forward 3 inches along a surface, then sign me up for a 2,000 pound "lift". I won't even make those stupid Ric Flair-ish "woooo" noises while I do it either.




There was an 80 year old man who completed Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii this year.

He is the oldest man to complete an Ironman


I think someone posted it on the Squat Rack Curls thread.

I didn't "get it" either when I saw it.


It may have looked hokey (I didn't see it). But, keep in mind most 80 year old men who are still alive, that is, are ina nursing home sitting in a wheel chair drooling....Keep it all in perspective guys...


Sure, but shouldn't they have had him pressing 600 pounds and actually have range of motion? That would've been more impressive...


I think it's impressive. Dude's 80. What would have been more impressive though would've been actually lifting 700 lbs or 640 lbs while we're at it.


See, now something like that I have a lot of respect for. Granted this guy budged 740 lbs... I would have had alot more respect had he actually pressed 400 with a range of motion.