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Worlds Smallest Body Builder


Weight: 19.8 lbs
Height: about 2ft.
Is known in his home town for being able to lift a 3.3 lb dumbell.


old really really old, funny, but again old




thats freakin hilarious. If you stick your hand in his ass he doubles as the mst realistic puppet everrrrr. Lmao. i would never have believed that picture if i didnt Google "worlds smallest man" and saw another picture of the same guy.


here he is again. wtf.


He can be found on youtube.


Old to you, but new to me and maybe a few others. So why dont you stop trolling. If you cant help being an insecure cock face, then find someone to counsel you. But stop posting on my threads if all you can do is hand out douche bag remarks...please, please, please stop being annoying.


LOL @ puppet Idea.


damn that's that dwarfism shit. Wish he was part of my entourage. Yeah your crew has a midget? Well check it bitches I got me a Hindu bodybuilding dwarf.


I wonder how big his penis is..... You know... cuz he's like 2ft tall...


OP how again am I being an insecure cock? I just stated that this is old. Like posted serial times. No need for an insecure retaliations from you. If anything you are the one overreacting and trolling, you joined the forums 3 fucking weeks ago, lemme guess you also lurked for like 3 years. Since I offended in another thread I apologize, but seriously, you need a little tougher skin.


Its probably mean to laugh, but I did!!


My skins pretty tough. But yeah, Ive been a member 3 weeks and Ive not once posted a thread that started out as "trolling" or offensive in any way. But you and several others have met me in every thread and began train-wrecking it, as one bystander put it. So Im sure even you can understand my frustration when you posted. It just seemed like you were there for one reason; to shoot something else down. forgive me if Im miss placed, but I call it like I see it.

And no, Ive only just recently learned about this site, that explains why I didnt know about the "several" postings of this already. Not that it would matter if I were "lurking" anyhow. Nor should it matter if this was posted in the past. Theres no law stating I have to research the entirety of this site, before I post, just to make sure I didnt miss a chance to bump, or that Im not re-posting something else.


Man, I can see how this is funny, but at the same time it's also impressive. The condition he seems to have is often far more than just being small. There are all kinds of health issues (look at his obvious leg problems for example). I don't know the guy's specific case, but I bet he had to overcome a lot to get what muscles he has there.


I agree. I guess when you want something bad enough, you'll get it. Sort of inspires motivation.


So going by most protein protocols he only needs to eat like an egg a day. He should form a tag team with the great Khali.


I don't think he's been offically diagnosed, but he appears to be a primordial dwarf. It's pretty clear that he doesn't have 'conventional' dwarfism.


P.S. Didn't his trainer used to be Glenn out of the Village People?


He's the ORIGINAL Iron Dwarf.



19.8 pounds?

19 of that must be just cranium weight