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World's 'Sexiest' Vegetarians ?





I doubt they are all vegetarians.


I saw KD Lang on the list, and thought maybe it was supposed to VAGitarians.

However, Boy George is on there and he definitely is a meat eater.


I don't think that the "meat" that Boy George "eats" is the kind of meat that would get you dropped off the vegetarian list.


Tobey Maguire :smiley:


Vegan, is full farm animals, not strong people. I love a New York steak, and lobster with extra butter.



Throw some mushrooms on top of the steak and I'm right there with you pal!

You buying?


And sauteed onions.


Carrie Underwood's pretty hot. So is Shania Twain. Natalie Portman, Nicollette Sheridan, etc... But PETA is stupid. They would all be just as hot or hotter if they ate meat.


I bet a lot of those people on that list aren't really vegetarians, rather they claim to in order to fit in or when it's convenient.



The bottom line is this: who cares if they are vegetarians or not?

Just because some wacky celebrity doesn't eat meat means nothing to me.

Wait...I take that back, it has the reverse effect. If they are NOT eating meat, then I'm glad I am eating meat.


Definitely Natalie Portman. Girl needs to eat a sandwhich, she looks like she's gonna dissapear. Don't know about you, but that one scene in closer where she bends over and you can see her entire spine was a little gross.