World's Most Boring Log

I sincerely apologize if you end up reading this. It will be boring.

My body is too fucked up to lift. I tore my ACL playing football years ago, followed that up by benching three times a week while never exercising my lower body or posterior chain and you have imbalances on imbalances.

I’m setting up this log to track my progress with self myofascial release leading up to a time in the future when someday I might be able to lift heavy again. Since im on here everyday anyway I might as well use the site as a tool to get healthy rather than just entertainment.

Start small:
Goal one:
45 minutes myofascial release

Broomstick on:
It band/Quad
Plantar F

Tennis Ball:
Medial Glute
between my shoulder blades.

day 2. Im think im shooting for six weeks of this.

Much more tender on day 2, and im finding that five minutes feels like a very long time so consider that reduced to at least one minute up to five minutes per side.

added gastrocnemii to the list, am finding them extremely tender.

also hip flexor stretches.

Skipped yesterday due to drinking. Not acceptable.

Spent better part of an hour making sure I made up for yesterday.

fell off the wagon for a bit. Am back on. Feels real good.
have printed off articles about ankles hips and shoulders and am ready to start attacking my problems.
Need a program design.

dont know if its placebo effect but I have been doing this shit about every other day at least and I feel like Im seeing results. I am now about 2 inches away from being able to touch my toes in a seated hamstring stretch. I started 6-8 inches away.

My hip flexors are much much looser, my traps have less pain, and I feel like my glut max and hamstrings have been ‘turned on’ and are perhaps growing slightly?

Rolling my glut with a tennis ball is much more tolerable Im hoping to move from tennis ball to golf ball and experiencfce some real pain and progress.

this in what just over two weeks? If this works out and Im able to start lifting heavy again I’m going to be pretty indebted to tnation.

I just legitimately touched my toes. I dont know if Ive ever dont that before.

wow this is so boring.


^even more so when I don’t update for several months. Not an organized person by any stretch of the imagination

In the interim I have continued SMF release randomly as needed and recently attacked learning to deadlift.

Todays session:

Static stretching
Warmed up with Hamstring curls 100x5
Pullups BW x 5

Various random ramping of weight till…
Hit DL 295 for a couple singles. PR!!! ROFL LMAO LOLZ

Finish with Glute/Ham (slow negatives and push up assist on the concentric 3 x 5
Pull ups 3 x 5

Really trying to focus on posterior chain.
Need to do a form check but Im finding if I use a deeper knee bend I keep my hips a little lower through the first part of the pull. Still feel like Im using too much spinal erector.
Also concerned about maintaing neutral spine. Need video recording implement.

Oh man, the most boring thing ever!


falls asleep on the way out of thread

OHP 50lbs 50lbs x 4 x 5
External Shoulder rotation against pulley weight thingy. I dont know like 28lbs? x 5 x failure

I’ve decided to concentrate on three lifts. First and foremost deadlift. Followed by Overhead press and lets see how learning to front squat goes tommorrow or more likely thursday.

I’ll worry about a real program and more assistance excercises when my newb gains run out.

Also discovered my cell phone does video so hope to get form check up soon.

SMF tonight.

Slight subscapular pain in my left subscapular region showed up last night. Switching to dips instead of OHP.

40yd sprints 5x1. Sad lungs. Sad sad lungs.

Thursday off just because. Well not just because. You see I was resting shit up because I was going to record my deadlift to see if I am endangering my life but the gym at school was closed. I guess no one else wants to lift on a friday after 5:00 or something. Couldn’t find the hours posted.

So I did doorway pull-ups and chin ups in my kitchen till I couldn’t while I cooked hamburgers. Call em fat grip cause I don’t have a bar and I had to just grab the casing.

ah bad news. What I thought was a 295 dl was really 275. Idiot. No sense keeping up the charade. Just SMF, Static stretch, warm up pullups 3 x 5, 130lb hammy curl 2 x 10 and deadlift. Not very good. I’ll do more of my door casing pull-ups tonight.

supposed to be 4x5 pullups. really 5,4,4 at the playground near my place and then 2 and 2 on the casing of my door when I got home.

Last summer I was easily doing 5x5. Then I got the lazy during winter and now I am pathetic. Aaaaaanyway. Gots to keep on keeping on.

I don’t know if my deadlift is coming along at all. I think I need to do a mobility program because I am getting no soreness or fatigue in my hambuns.

GHR 4 x 5. No glut firing. Its like its hamstrings and low back and skipping the glut. frustrating.
Dips 5 x 3. Slight shoulder discomfort.

Serious tennis ball rolling my upper back. Lots of static stretching all over. New pull-up article and lo and behold +1 good pullup and fatigue in my lats

pullups BW 3 x5 last time I missed the last pullup and the ones leading up to it were kind of sloppy. No on second thought its +2 good pullups. Look ma! Gains!

Looking over my log looks like I owe at least 4 doorway casing pullups. I’ll squeeze em in in a second.

Now going to eat some roast beef and do my pulls between bites.

monday I dicked around with hambstrut curlz and worked on dl technique. I think I made a breakthrough.

Keep those scaptorz directly over tha bar at the beginning?

Now I’m about to smf myself and go to the park and see how my pullups be doing.

pullups are sucking.

5, 4cheating, 4 cheating. Gave up. Did some kind of isometric thing im working on with my rhombuses on my door casing.

Regression probably cause I’ve been 1) eating like a tarded. 2) fapping 2 much. 3) 4 day wedding festivities.

2,5,5,5,5. Hey that wasn’t so bad. Shoulders feel ok.

ate a buncha tuna.

pullups 5,5,5,4,2. Gains. I also feel really good even after a shit day of sleep. Just felt strong and smooth.

progress attributable to consistency, improving form and mind muscle connection as well as getting good at stretching and SMF release. I think if I ate right I would see faster improvement but thats probably not going to happen.

Now that summer vacation is here I’m not deadlifting in the school gym so I’m doing nothing for legs. I guess I’ll start HIIT running soon but its so hot and I’m painting these days and Im a big pussy etc. etc.

Dips tommorrow.