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World's Largest Boat Launches



Just saw this... I'm kind of in awe. It's fascinating we still build stuff like this.

It will be a mobile natural gas plant.

Trying to wrap my head around how big it is. 243 feet (75m) wide, 1601 feet (487m) long.

Or, in football fields... almost 1 football field wide, and over 5 football fields long.


I'm just impressed when my shit floats. Kudos, people.


It's like twice the length of the Titanic and about three times the width. James Cameron must be rubbing his hands together somewhere in anticipation of a disaster. I do think it's cool that they claim it can withstand a Class 5 hurricane.


Good grief....3.6 MM tons/yr is around 470 MMSCFD; that's a big fucking cryo. This is one of the more awesome things I've read recently.


That boat's big ayw!


" You're gonna need a bigger boat"


They already have plans to build an ever bigger one.
Can't find any info on the draft of The Prelude.
The Emma Maersk container ship drafts 52' water and 239' air. 1312 ft length by 213 ft width. Capacity is 18000 teu's(1 teu equals 1 20' container).
There are no ports in the US that can dock this Triple-E class ship.


sorry I forgot pics of the Emma. It was the largest.
40' External Shipping Container Standard Dimensions
Length: 40'
Width: 8'
Height: 8' 6" High Cubes: 9'6"
20' External Shipping Container Standard Dimensions
Length: 19' 10"
Width: 8'
Height: 8' 6"
45' External High Cube Container Dimensions
Length: 45'
Width: 8'
Height: 9' 6"




These are a bitch to unload. Rough seas!

Here's a video the SC State Ports Authority made for advertising.

Another video showing a different view.

Containers are loaded by: order of port of discharge, height, length, weight, if a reefer(loaded below deck, to keep out of salt spray, as they have to be plugged in), if a haz mat load(has to be kept above deck, unless a reefer, and in a area that would have easier access in case of a leak or fire).
If it is a break bulk item, such as a 50' yacht(usually placed into the water along side the ship but some times onto a lowboy flatbed) or the propeller blade for a giant wind turbine, it is removed or placed on board with slings then lashed down.
All over height open top containers are placed on top of stacks either topside or below decks if they can't be covered properly and need to avoid salt.
If a container is placed in the wrong spot it costs time and time IS money. We've had containers that were buried in the wrong spot. We had to do restows. That is when you take off anywhere from 2 or 3 to as many as 90+ containers to get to the one you need then you have to reload them in the correct order which may not be the same as they were taken off.