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World's Healthiest Foods Website


I think many of you already know about this, but for those who don't:


They get into very specific detail about certain micronutrients and how they can benefit the human body.

I'm definitely going to be adding more sage, tumeric and parsley to my diet after reading this


That's one of my favorite sites. I check it quite frequently!


Avocados are a fruit, so are tomatoes. I question the validity of this site.


You can also read Dr. Bowden's "150 Healthiest Foods" book, which pretty much puts everything you might possibly even want/need to know out there. Definitely one of the top books I've read on nutrition that doesn't mix words and pretty much calls out the FDA and mainstream media on a lot of their BS.



Yes, botanically speaking. However, they are often classified, and sold, as vegetables.
George Mateljan even specifies this himself in his book, the World's Healthiest foods.

While I wouldn't recommend his diet for weight loss (he's not a transformation specialist), his book is basically an encyclopedia for healthy eating (800+ pages).

He lists "peak seasons", "biochemical considerations" (for example, carrots are one of the foods most commonly associated with allergic reactions in those with latex allergies), and also lists the Best way to select, store, prepare, and cook all foods to preserve the most nutrients (for example, he recommends slicing carrots 1/4" thick and steaming for 5 minutes [al dente])

Sure, there are things I don't agree with(find me 1 source you agree with 100%), like eating tofu, but all in all, in regards to health, this is a great site with lots of recipes, and his book is pretty thorough!


They're classed as culinary/salad vegetables.


So pretty much everything thats not fast food.


Great site


Been using that site for years ... very informative and helpful


I ordered dr. B's book yesterday, local online book store had free shipping so I couldn't pass this one up. Been looking at it for over a year now lol.


That's a classification relevant to BOTANISTS. (And they change their mind sometimes on their classifications.) For culinary purposes, they are considered vegetables. We all eat, but we are not all botanists, so which classification matters more?


here's a classification that'll help: plant or animal ... if you're not sure what it is you probably shouldn't be eating it...


One of my go-to sites. I do love the detail...found out a lot of interesting things, especially about certain herbs and spices - like you said, tumeric's pretty cool.


If were going to start talking about vegetables and everything, what are peoples thoughts on the Nightshade vegetables?


Figure this is on topic. Good place to get organic food. http://www.nutsonline.com/



Most people have no trouble with them, but any nerve related or inflammatory conditions (arthritis, etc) may want to avoid them. Some things I've read suggest it may take 3 months of avoidance to rid you of all symptoms.


I love that site, andI found out about it after I brought the book.


Great website, thanks OP.


Thank you mucho.


technically, so are the cucumbers, peas, all the grains, all the nuts, est. They organized it to make it easy to find.