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World's Greatest Grappler Meets World's Greatest Grappling Dummy

During my white and blue belt days, I built a bunch of different “dummies” in order to practice different moves on my own. I built a grappling dummy out of a trenchcoat, some old pillows and towels, and an old gi.

And since grappling dummies can be task-specific as well as ridiculously expensive, I built another for practicing open guard sweeps (the backside of a ladderback chair, some rope, another old gi), and another for practicing half guard/half butterfly/full butterfly transitions (padded legs of another weighted down ladderback chair with especially wide legs).

So the necessity of spending money on a grappling dummy has been well lost on me. At least until this weekend. Check out grappling HOFer Marcelo Garcia training with a Favuke.

At $130 for the synthetic leather version and another 10 months before I’m likely back on the mat, I’m thinking about putting this thing on my Xmas list.

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10 months?

Fauci said in an interview a few weeks ago that he could envision “pickup basketball in the park” being a safe activity by the fall of 2021. That’s the worst case scenario I’m allowing myself right now.