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World's Fastest Talker Attempt


Dumb Blondes!

She has big tits though!


I can't hear much of what she's saying. I'd still put a bag over head, a billiard ball duct-taped into her mouth and titty-fuck the shit out of her while pretending the face on the other side of the bag is attractive.


And she's crazy of course. Fuck her in the butt and make her walk home.


Feckless. She should compliment that with an attempt to stay as quiet as possible for many years.


nothin real on that body, would smash though


I'm loving this channel.


Ok, I'd hit it and call her again.



Is she the same one that was ranting and raving about Asian students talkingin the library like wong dong ding a ling dong from her dorm room at UCLA?


hey,hey.. ease up on the blond, big titty jokes now... =)

Those be some motor-boatin' beauties though...


Her room is a mess!


I'm ashamed by all the white people talking like ghetto trash in this thread.




YouTube generates more wasted lives than Heroin.


I'm going to say something I can't even believe I'm saying. That was some of the stupidest shit I've ever witnessed and that's saying a lot given the advent of the internet and stupid shit being so readily available. Seriously? She wasn't fucking speaking and I believe her attempts to "speak" while sucking in air could be put to better use by breathing and sucking a dick...which is all she's good for.


whenever I read any post by BG, It always comes out sounding like ADC.


WTF is this shit.


A dumb bitch with big tits.


637 wpm for men vs. 603 wpm for women.


Even more proof of our inherent superiority. Women talk 10x more than men do, yet we can still clean up when it comes time to actually do something productive with our words.

It's OK, though, girlfriends... y'all are typically at your best when you use your mouth for something other than speaking.


If ya'll haven't watched the second video to the end, she can fit her entire fist in to her mouth. FTR.