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World's Biggest Zit


i reckon everytime ur tempted to eat sumin shit...check this out first...sure lost my appetite!




I nearly lost my lunch!



That was horrible


I've seen a lot of gross things in my life, but that just crossed the line. i won't be able to sleep tonight.


I hope they gave that cat a sedative.


man the puss...damn that's nasty.


Think about that the next time you want to dip your fries in mayonaise! ha! ha! ha!

              tin can


No, if you listen to the guy its all done w/ out any sort of anything. A bible was held over it for a few seconds, though.


Hey, where's the cream filling?


it really did come out like a pack of mayonaise from chick-fil-a or something. ha


How many do you think would walk off the set of "Fear Factor" if ordered to drink that bowl of special sauce?


lmao @ how the "doc" cracked that thing open like a coconut. ha


I hope they gave him some anti-biotics after that.
For any of you that are involved in medicine you're probably aware of how bad the room smelled after they made the laceration.....


In listening to the narrator, I heard him say cyst. So I thought to myself, well that's not as bad as a zit, that is until I looked up cyst. A sebaceous cyst is:

"A closed sac or cyst below the surface of the skin that fills with a fatty white, semi-solid material called sebum."

Which led me to the conclusion a cyst is, yup, a zit.