World's Best Sports Fans?

[quote]focaloca wrote:

To that Leafs fan, you guys are a joke. If Boca had the crappy record that the Leafs have they would get a talking to from their fans.

It’s not uncommon for the hooligans to show up at practices when the team is performing poorly to remind them that they are payed well to perform so they better do so. Sometimes the players will get roughed up as well.

Football is a passion. It’s what drives Boca’s fans. We have passion. Leafs fans have nothing. They have 1967 and that’s it. Pretty darn sad.[/quote]

I KNOW WE LEAF FANS ARE A JOKE! That was the whole point of this post. A crappy team that still gets a tremendous following. As far as a mob showing up to Leaf practices?

A: unlike your fans we have money because we all have JOBS to go to when the Leafs practice.

B: We have a thing here in Toronto called “Law and Order” which keeps us from attacking our Sports Stars when they Suck! I agree that is unfortunate. WOW a bunch of unempolyed Mental cases “roughed up” a soccer star. Oh my hide the woman and childeren. I’d like to see those hooligans show up to a Leaf practice, jump on the ice and “rough up” Domi and the boys". Hockey players have sticks stupid! They would kick the shit out of your hooligans!