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World's Best Sports Fans?


Toronto Maple Leaf Hockey Fans are the greatest sports fans in the world! The team last won the Stanley Cup Championship in 1967. During that near forty year span their best seasons were one appearance in the semi-final in the late seventies and two in the early 90's. The rest of the time they have fielded mostly mediocre teams that failed to make the playoffs many times. They are currently on a 7 game losing streek.

However, they continue to sell out EVERY game. Forty some odd home games per season, game in game out. Obtaining Leaf tickets can be more difficult then obtaining Nude photos of the Pope. Furthermore they sell millions in merchandize and their Televised games are always at the top of the Neilson Ratings in Canada (sports or otherwise). I'm curious to know if there is anywhere else on the Planet where the same can be said?


Two words, Detroit Lions.


Steelers fans are the greatest. It's about more then just being loyal through the hard years, which is important and we are. It's also about the deep emotional attachment to the team. The mood of the entire city hangs on the Steelers performance every Sunday through Fall and Winter. It's been said that Pittsburgh is a drinking town with a football problem.

Just the fact that not only is every home game sold out (admitedly not as big a feet as in hockey because of the number of games) but during away games there is so much black and gold in the stands that you have to do a double take to make sure you're not back in Pittsburgh.

It's great that they are doing well again, (in Pittsburgh, anything short of the Superbowl isn't doing well) But even if they weren't they'd still be the greatest team ever, in large part because of the fans.


Chicago Cubs,lovable losers haven't won a WS since 1909,and look at their fans,fanatic and loyal as hell.Wrigly is so packed,fans get on rooftops adjacent to the statium to watch their hapless Cubs find a way to lose.Ask Steve Bartman about how loyal the fans are.


Canuck fans are just as good. Toronto is many times the size of Vancouver and the canucks sell out every single game as well. There are no best sports fans. Each sport has many diehard fans. Hockey in Canada is like football in the states. Which sport has more hardcore fans? They're probably equal.


The Green Bay Packers have been selling out all their games for decades, even when they have sucked (and now that they do again) I don't have any figures to give you as to the number of years that this has happened consecutively though, sorry.


Red Sox baby. One day, I will make the trek to Boston to see my Bosox play...that will be a good day! With the Fenway Faithful!


I heard that if you want season tickets it takes like 30 years before you actually get them.


I was born in Wisconsin 23 years ago, the first thing my father did the day after I was born was sign me up on the season ticket waiting list. My cousin just had a kid and did the same. I sincerely doubt I or my cousin;s kid will ever see season tickets in my life.


I was there when I was a scrawny teenager and I could barely fit in the seat.


I'd have to say the Redskins. RFK (their old stadium) was sold out, no season tickets from 1962 until they moved in 1996. Season tickets are constantly in litigation whether divorce , business, bankruptcy whatever, people are always going to court over custody of the tickets.

The DC Police once had a sting operation, where they "notified" people with outstanding warrants that had won free tickets and they needed to come down and pick them up. Amazingly enough, they rounded up an incredible amount of people.

Some were even stupid enough to ask about "their" tickets after being arrested. Oh yeah, there haven't been any season tickets available since 1996 for their current stadium. This sell-out includes all the very disappointing years at both stadiums.


You mean you haven't yet???? Man, you are missing out, big time. Single game tix go on sale tomorrow (1/28/06) FYI.


So we got the lions, Steelers, Cubs, Canucks, Packers, Redsox & Redskins.

The Steelers are in the big show next week and were there about 10 years ago, plus they are in every AFC Championship so forget you. I'm talking about fans who love loser teams. The Skins won the Super Bowl 3 times in the 80's so screw you.The Redsox won last year so screw you too, although your fans are pretty pathetic. What, was it like a Thousand years since they last won?

The Packers have won in the last 10 years plus they've had one of the greatest QB's in the history of the game play every game for the past 10+ years. The Canucks? Give me a break! I've been to Hongcouver too many times and all they care about is snowbording and smoking spliff!

That leaves us with the truelly PATHETIC Diehard Fans of the Lions, Cubs and Maple Leafs. I think these fans are really devoted to losers! Which makes them tied for the title of "Worlds greatest Sports Fans!" LOL!!!!


They have to do the same thing in Pittsburgh. I have to respect Packers fans.


BS. Like I said, being a good fan is about more then just loving a losing team. Yes it is a test, but loving the underdog does not a great fan make.




I agree with the Packers and the Steelers as among the tops as well as the Red Sox. The thing that you gotta remember that seperates the Packers and Steelers from the rest of the NFL is the huge amount of fan support they get on the road.

As a Cornhusker I'm pretty biased,220 consecutive sellouts and one of the most gracious enviroments in college sports for visiting teams.


Alright, alright! After reading that I guess i have to say they belong to the club. Not the Packers though they were good forever and ever.


First of, you don't have to root for a bunch of losers to be considered a good fan. It just so happens you do.

Second, your knowlege of the Packers is as lacking as your knowlege as to what makes a good sports fan. For those of us over 40 who had to grow up andlive in the late 60's(after Vince) through the 70's then through the 80's and into the mid 90's with regular records of 4-12 and first round draft choices of Randy Wright and Scott Hunter for our qb's let me state that the Packers have not been good forever. 25+ years of mediocrity and just plain bad--and you still couldn't get a ticket to a game.


Amen, plus Green Bay despite all of medicore seasons has still remained one of the key franchises in the NFL. They'r ean institution same with the Steelers,Cowboys,Redskins,Giants,and 49ers.

BTW Kansas City has some crazy fans too, there's a reason why no one wins there in December.