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World War III?


Is anyone else a little concerned?

"According to a US congressional report, Pakistan has addressed issues of survivability in a possible nuclear conflict through second strike capability. Pakistan has been dealing with efforts to develop new weapons and at the same time, have a strategy for surviving a nuclear war. Pakistan has built hard and deeply buried storage and launch facilities to retain a second strike capability in a nuclear war"

"Pakistani engineers, with help from the Chinese, are also said to be in the advance stages of developing MIRV technology for its missiles. This would allow the military to fit several warheads on the same ballistic missile and then launch them at separate targets."

China says we need to 'back Pakistan' in their 'war on terror' today:


Possible scenarios?


We need to help India. Give them the same technology for their weapons.

We need to protect the world's call centers.


The US and EU can't afford to give anyone anything. They're turning into economic basket cases. That's part of what's so concerning.


I doubt WWIII is coming soon.

Hell, if it does I'll change my avatar to Hitler dressed as a French maid getting a pineapple shoved up his ass.

If WWIII does happen my avatar would be the least of my worries!


America: Pakistan think they can survive nuclear holocaust? Let's see if they're all talk...


Hopefully we don't see if they're all talk


There are plenty of Islamists in Pakistan who couldn't care less about surviving a return strike. They'll just launch the damb things everywhere(they have both medium range and intercontinental capabilities) and jabber 'Allahu akbah!' crossed eyed and repetitively awaiting the return strike(if it comes. I'm not certain we wouldn't blame ourselves somehow and await another barrage).

Iran is nowhere near strike capability with missiles but a sea vessel loaded with a warhead could easily be detonated by the bastards. We would then have no way of knowing for sure who the fuck had sent the thing.